Who else has been skunked?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by lg_mouth, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. lg_mouth

    lg_mouth It's Trigger Time!!!

    I have been out 4 times and have yet to see a deer. It is pretty frustrating, since there is sign there, but must be coming in at night. It is also frustrating that there was a big doe and a fawn outside of my kitchen window Sunday morning! They didn't have a care in the world.

    So, anyone else been skunked? Gonna try more this week and see what happens.

  2. I have been seeing between 14 and 20 deer a night. This is all heavy woods so they would be on average, within 60 yards. Still have not had a mature buck or nice doe in bow range, but tons of small bucks.

  3. I have only been out twice so far but the first night was too hot to even count.;) I have not even had the bow in hand yet as I have been with my boy. Saturday night we saw two nice shooter bucks and a doe. He couldn't manage a shot at either one. The one was a nearly average 8 point. The other was a dandy 10 pointer, probably pushing 140 class. My boy was shaking in his shoes after that boy walked through.:D I may have had a shot at him if I were hunting but I didn't want him attempting that shot. The best we had was nearly 30 yards. He never spooked at all and was working a scrape over really well just above us so he should be back.;)
  4. I was out yesterday and had a spike walk right under my stand, let him walk to see another day. Also had 3 does about 50 yards out but they never came in.
  5. littleking

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    i've taken 3 so far.... been an easy year for me
  6. 10/3 busted twice to hot and sweaty
    10/5 again
    10/12 seen 10 all in the oak grove too many branches
    10/13 only seen a blonde yout
    10/14 busted by 4 but came back after dark

    Yes my clothes were washed twice in no scent and I spray cover scent.
    I'm up a tree at least 18+ft. the wind was in my favor except for the 1st 2 times.
  7. lg_mouth

    lg_mouth It's Trigger Time!!!

    Thanks for making me feel better guys! I am trying to decide a change of tactics to better my odds. I have only owned this land for about a year and it leaves some to be desired for deer hunting. Nothing that can't be taken care of with a little time and effort (plus $$). I know they are there, saw 19 after dark on Friday evening within 1/2 a mile of my house. Just have to try and get them to come to me.
    Good luck with the rest of the season guys. Keep 'em falling!

  8. Fish4Food

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    Sit still, lol thats rough man. Are those clothes your washing camo? I'm just giving you a hard time. Are you wearing camo gloves and a face mask tho?
  9. crittergitter

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    I have been out 4 times. I saw 3 doe on opening morning and got busted. I saw 2 doe Saturday evening but they were to far and would not come close.

    Hopefully, I connnect soon.

  10. Food Source... Focus on what they are eating...last night dad saw 20 or more 5 different bucks..2 NICE ONES. Starting to see a lil noisying around the bucks that is for those does!
  11. if things dont work out within a couple of weeks, the action should heat up. Here comes the chase phase. Best hunting of the year. Good Luck. Look for the new moon 11/9; 11/10 and hope for some cool/cold weather. Spend all day on stand if you can.
  12. Ive been out 5 times now. I been takeing my friend he shot twice at 2 doe now missed both times. So dont feel bad. Ive seen lots of deer but nothing Mature enough yet. Your time will come then its just a distant memory. Hard work and pursentance. For me I got to get my buddys head on straight..lol I just keep praying for big daddy to come to me.
  13. I have been out three times. Busted once with 3 does, saw nothing second night, killed young doe tird night but if I had time to sit longer that night could have killed another doe or even two. Will be back out in the AM both tuesday and wednesday!!!! Good luck and stay out there.
  14. I've been out twice and seen a total of 15.
  15. lg_mouth

    lg_mouth It's Trigger Time!!!

    I went down to move my set up to another area and spooked two big does out of the area. Couldn't believe it. They were coming from the same direction where I thought one winded me on Saturday, but couldn't tell because of the 8lb squirrels that were running around. So, guess there is still hope for me yet!

    Gonna try my luck tomorrow evening as long as the temps don't skyrocket and the rain isn't too bad.

  16. I havent even been out yet...between my daughters high school soccer games, work & fishing tournaments, not one open weekend...but that will all be ending soon here...so i'll be able to join ya in the skunked catagory....

    Ya know what they say, it's better to go hunting and get nothing than to not go at all, getting a deer just takes a great day and makes it into a memoriable day
  17. You mean I need camo?? Not the blue jeans and white t-shirt is there a problem??
    Yes full camoed up, mesh face mask, gloves & hat . 1st it was too hot, they scented me busted into the woods 5 minutes after I was up the tree @30yds. The other where right under me through the tree limbs & leafs. I do sit still. I've been busted too many times in the last 2 yrs. I've been at this for 15 yrs and have taken 18 deer, 11 with the x-bow.
  18. Fish4Food

    Fish4Food Built Ford Tough

    thats rough man, yea I wasn't questioning whether you are a good hunter or not, sorry if it seemed that way, was just bustin your chops.
  19. F4F - I did not take it as an insult, I knew you were light sided, I'm just getting a little bit flustered by it(getting busted). I was glad to here tonight my son who is very good also, sorry bout this, got busted as well. I heard he got cold and went to the house for more clothes came back and she had him. We know we will win in the long run, just hope the does don't during rut. After the big one always. good luck all.
  20. Header, I was having the same problem last year. I have killed alot of deer and last year I got them too but I had never been winded so many time ever, not even all the previose 15 years of hunting added together.

    I found out that the fresh earth scent wafers were giving me away. At least that is what I believe. I threw them all away and went with no cover scent at all and have not been busted since. I have had them walk away like something did not add up but no more snorting stamping deer.

    You hunting locally? I have a few honey holes around canton just curious.