Who does decals/stickers on here??

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Skarfer, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. My wife ran into a guy at the gas station today that had custom "F-150 4x4" stickers in Camo on his truck........he also had a sticker on his back window of a buck he'd gotten couple of years back - he said that he took the photo, mailed (emailed?) it to the guy and this guy made into a sticker for him. I believe it was just the shadow kind - maybe in white or something......she didn't get into much detail.

    Anyhow - she called me and told me about this, and said that would be neat if I could get the buck I got couple of years back made into a sticker like this.

    My question for you guys is this: Does anybody on here do that or is there anybody capable of doing that?? I know there's somebody that does custom stickers/decals, but I couldn't remember who they are or if they did custom stuff like this or just boat numbers.........

  2. misfit

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    contact swollengoat.he can fix you up.nice work too.

  3. swollengoat - now how on earth could i forget a name like that!

  4. misfit

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    you wouldn't forget him if you saw him either:D
    here's one of the decals he made for my boat.also made new matching numbers.

  5. Nice! I was amazed that my wife actually told me about that and told me to see about getting some! She hates when I buy stuff for my truck......i've been trying to talk her into dual exhaust for about a year now. I've even went down the "I'll get better gas mileage" road........no dice.
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    Skarfer, look for a combo/fresh air intake/dual exhaust/programmer listed as a fuel saver, but give her number and dollars. Figure yearly mileage, percentage of fuel mileage increase, multiplied by average gas prices, yadda, yadda, and boom...pays for itself. Remember, if it looks like it a bargain, she'll jump all over it!!!

    P.S.- post here if you get ahold of swollengoat. I got some work for him!!
  7. sauguy

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    swollengoat did the design and decals for our club, check with him.

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  8. Oh Yeah does nice work too. Just did our club trailer.
  9. SwollenGoat

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    Thanks for the compliments guys. Skarfer, I sent you a PM.

    Wannabiteaworm, shoot me a PM when you have time.
  10. DaleM

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    I'll be getting in touch with you for some lettering I want on my boat!!
    And I'll forget what Rick told me :D
  11. misfit

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    it was all true:D :D ;)
  12. SwollenGoat

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    -LOL- :D

    Sure, anytime Dale.
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    SwollenGoat,I'll get you some pics and info soon. Thanks for the reply.