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Who Dey ???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by catking, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. catking

    catking Banned

    DA KING will tell you WHO DEY are........ I know it's pre-season, but to beat New England 31-3, and Carson Palmer throwing 3 td's against the Pat's first team defense in the first half ?? The Browns, Steelers& Ravens might as well pack it in right now :cool: .......... Taking last season into consideration I'll predict this- Bengals 11-5 AFC Champs...........I remember the same thing back in 1981 when the loser Bengals came out in stripes for the first time, was laughed at, then won 12 games and gave us one of the best super bowls ever against the 49'ers. This year -new stripes also, except this time nobody is laughing ;) .THE CATKING !!!
  2. IT IS PRESEASON! you diehard fans kill me

  3. catking

    catking Banned

    Come on man, it's been 20 freakin years since Cincinnati can actually cheer it's team :D Even pre- season feels good :) Hey bassin420- Since you were the first to respond to my non-sense :D I'll say this. If the Bengals do NOT at least play in the AFC title game, pm me at the end of the year, and I will send you a gift certificate for two to have dinner on DA KING ;) Just pm me so I won't forget. But you wont have to :cool: .DA KING !!!
  4. .. the "ben- :eek: :p gals" ???
  5. Im a big pitt fan and i always love going to the pitt/bengals game at cinncy. I love seeing black and yellow taking up 90% of the place. Who else has more opposing fans at a home game. That sure is funny.

    Did you guys know that Dayton wanted a pro football team. But they said no because they were afraid Cinncy would want one too. hahahahahahahahaha
  6. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    All I know is that if Carson Palmer plays like he did last night No NFL team will want to play the Bengals. The offensive was unstoppable in the 1st half.

    But the BEST was watching Dillon getting his head knocked in. The defense was fired up. Thank you Marvin Lewis! I'll bet behind closed doors he got them fired up.

    WHO DEY!
  7. CreekFloater

    CreekFloater Have Water, Will Fish

    Growing up I was always a Browns fan. After the Bengals came to be, I also became a Bengals fan, as well. My only dilemma was when they played each other twice a year. However, since the Browns left and then returned, something just isn't the same. I find I pay a little more attention to the "cats" from Cincy. Why shouldn't someone who has suffered through the bad seasons also feel optimistic about a win, even if it is preseason. I like your thinking Catking! Go Bengals.....and by the way....Go Browns
  8. I used to be a browns fan. My dad was a huge pitt fan. So when the browns left, pitt was the only other team i knew that well. Best thing that ever happened to me!!!!
  9. i like real football. GO BUCKS!!!!