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Who are you?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Voyageur II, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. Hey, I'm sitting here after the storm hit in central Ohio. The pond has about a half inch of ice over top 4" of slush overtop the original 1 and a half inches of ice. Too cold and too ify to fish.....I'm Jay Parks.....I'm an ice fisherman....Hell. I'm just a fisherman..... Checkout my website at
    I'd like to meet some advid fishermen, especially ice fishermen, then you know they are serious. please introduce yourselves on this thread......
  2. Hey Jay, I'm Jason Davis. I'm as serious as the weather is bad. I spend every spare moment either in a float tube or wading rivers and streams. Those spare moments are hard to come by at this point in my life, with a 1 year old daughter and another on the way, as well as working full time as a mechanical engineer. Although I mostly fish for bass and steelhead, I am also an opportunist. I fish for whatever species the conditions dictate. I also pick guitar and mandolin, ride my bike and ski like a maniac, but that's neither here nor there.

  3. Hi there Jay,
    Great web site... and one sweet looking boat!! Welcome to Ohio Game Fishing!
  4. ...Tim "The Toolman"! From Central OH. I'm an avid Erie guy. I fish out of a 20' Tracker glass boat. Love to pull cranks, spinners, dipseys/spoons-whatever is workin'. I will ice fish and hit the spillways when the cabin fever gets too bad! I was out on the pond last night (actually on the dock) trying to rattle up a Crappie, Bluegill, or Saugeye, but the freezing rain drove me into the garage to gaze at the boat, drink beer, and talk about the past years fishing!

    Tim "Toolman" Joseph
  5. In here i am choppywaters, but to everyone else i talk to they call me Tuff. I am a huge walleye fishing fan, love bass fishing, and trying out that unfishable spot. I am from Huron, Ohio, which the pier there is "da'bomb" on cold evenings. Currently, i reside in New Albany, and work and play outdoors as much as possible. I am always looking for another fishing buddy to introduce me to some new locations here in central ohio...Drop me a line, and maybe when the weather breaks we can get some fishing done.......

  6. bones

    bones blah-blah-blah

    im bones central ohio new on this site i fish for anything anytime.
  7. Nice website...
    Dude you got it bad... Awesome photos...
    You'll be a GREAT addition to this forum...
  8. Hi,
    I'm new to this website and this is my first post. My name is Ryan and I live in westerville. I'm fairly new to this area and don't have many fishing buddies they all live up north of here. I love to bass, cat, steelhead, crappie, and walleye fish. I usually go to Erie a few times a year and charter with Boytim Charters. I ice fish as much as possible. Already went out on Alum on Wed. morning, but got skunked. Oh well it was better than being at work.
  9. WELCOME ABOARD AnglinAddict
    We need guys like you on here !!!
    How about starting a link in the lodge and introduce yourself there...