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    After hooking up with Desperado last year bowfishing. I decided to see just what all I could kill with my new bow:D . Recurve-fingers-No sites. Ended up with doz or so carp,half doz bushy tails, half doz doves and even a couple deer in the freezer. I was just wanting to know who all is shooting a long bow or recurve and where they are from;)
  2. I started out shooting a recurve 25 years ago and moved "up" to a Bear whitetail legend 15 years ago. I got the itch to go back to the trad gear. I asked if anyone had a decent used lefty recurve for sale on another site and believe it or not a guy stationed in Iraq had just run across one. He put it in the mail last week so I should have it this week. I will probably limit my hunting to carp and woodchucks this season and move onto the deer next year. If memory serves me it takes quite a bit of shooting to get the eye/hand coordanation down with no sights to be be effective.

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    I had only shot a recurve as a kid and then it was just goofing off. I shot some carp for a few nights. Started shooting a bag target at least 15 shots per night at 5 yards. Did that until I was busting the center out. Stepped back to 10 yards and did the same until I was shooting 5 shots at 5-10-15-20 yards each time out for kills. Within 2 months of starting this, I shot a bunch of critters including 2 deer. I think you will be amazed how fast you will pick it up. I'm looking forward to trying to extend my range out to 25 yards this year.
  4. I don't have a traditional bow but I have been tempted to do so many times. My brother-in-law shoots a recurve instinctive and I was messing with his a couple of times in his yard with him. I was also surprised how quickly I was zeroing in on targets. The first couple were off considerably but once I made visual adjustments it came along quickly. Many years ago I used to have the old fiberglass youth bows and we did a lot of shooting with them as well. They can be a lot of fun.
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    I have a Bear 50lb recurve. I was the same way. Gloved fingers and no sites. It got to be pretty easy to shoot accurately with some practice.
  6. I shoot a Recurve with a damascus glove. I use it early in the season befor rut kicks in. I have got a doe with it the last 2 years, but do not feel confident with a shot over 20 yards, so when the rut kicks in its back to the compound.
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    OUCAT I busted my does pre-rut and rut and had several "shooter bucks" around me from 23 yards out to 35 yards (all on tape of course) but I'm limited to 20 yards also with the string and stick. I think you have a great idea how to do the rut. I may have to try it this year. Thanks
  8. Yeah, I figure with everything else that has and can possible go wrong in the woods I had better use the compound at that time. I also havent used my recurve in a treestand that often, do you? Im guessing that it is not that much different, I just usually dont do it.
  9. I use a recurve for bowfishing but a compound for deer hunting. I just don't feel confortable shooting at a deer YET with my recurve.
  10. I involved pretty heavey with a group of traditional bowhunters in northeast ohio we get togather quite often to shoot at our club,also do some hunting with trad. gear there is no biger chalenge truly a joy to hunt fair chase. I shoot howard hill longbows and I addicted . mike
  11. Finally got to shoot my new bow.[​IMG][​IMG]
  12. that is a nice bow man i wouldnt mine getting one
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    I been shooting a old bear recurve #50 for bowfishing for the last couple of years. Have never shot a compound. For deer hunting went with the crossbow.I know i,m a mixed up guy. This year i started to shoot a long bow .I currently shoot a 50# Smick's Verna .My group is not as tight as Swantucky's not even at 10yds.,but its getting there. Hope to bag my first traditional this year . If my group don't tight up soon it will be the crossbow one more year