Whittier St Ramp, downtown C-town

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    I need some info on the Ramp just north of the Greenlawn dam if anyone can help out. I have a consulting firm that needs to get access to the river to do some inspecting on the 71/70 bridge and they want to hire me to take them up river to inspect the bridge (painting). Anyhow I have never been on this part of the river and not sure if my boat (17ft deep v Lund) will work or not.

    1. How is the ramp? Is my boat even launchable from there?
    2. Whats the water depth like between the ramp and the Bridge? any hazards to be concerned with?
    3. what are the current water conditions between that area, any of the construction affect this area?
    4. Anything I should be concerned with?

  2. Mushijobah

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    As far as I remember, the depth shouldn't be an issue for you. In my 12' v bottom I used my trolling motor to get into the area beneath the dam. I didn't use my outboard because I didn't have a front navigator.

    The ramps are in good condition. You want to swing towards greenlawn dam a bit when navigating into the river channel. The backwater area to your right is very shallow.

    Just be cautious, and have a spotter. As long as the river isn't high, you shouldn't have to worry about currents; the river is pretty lethargic above the dam.

  3. watch for big rocks on the ramp the dock is horible b very carful getting to the river it can b shallow my cousin and i bot got stuck in my 14ft jon boat but we also didnt have a fish finder to help us find a chanle to get to the river. dont no about closer to the bridge thats about all i can help with
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    Been a while since i've been there. But last time I was there last summer the ramp was good. My buddy launched his 19' bass boat there with no problems. The ramp is in decent shape and concrete. There are no docks there but a concrete wall you can pull up to if the water level is normal. It is shallow near the ramp and concrete wall. We use the trolling motor while picking up each other to get in and out of the boat. The water is usually 2 to 3 feet deep there. After you get launched you want to hug the left bank till you get close to the dam then cut across. There is an island across from the ramp that has a long bar that runs off it. Once you get to the other side it is deep all the way up to the bridges. Some places are 20' deep and a few places closer to the bridge is 4 to 6'deep. Going up river stay to the middle or the left side. When you get close to the first bridge there is a rockpile that comes out toward the middle be careful. Under the bridges is also 3 to 4' deep. I would use your trolling motor going under the bridges. After you get past the first section of bridges it gets deep again for a while then there are a few shallow spots up by the railroad bridge. Also there are some post just underwater by the railroad bridges. I would say if you idle slowly you'll be fine, we have never hit anything idling from the ramp to the bridges just watch out for the rockpile on the left side going north at the first bridge. Being a river i cannot guarentee there is no junk underwater but so far we have not found anything major other than the rockpiles by the bridge. Stay away from the east side of the river going to the first bridge it is shallow. Stay to the left of the little island. There is a place to park your trailor also . Not sure if the water level is down but if it is it may be difficult to load and unload cause that area is shalllow. But its way nicer than the confluence ramp.
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    Thanks for the Info, I probably need to find out when they plan to do it and recon the area before hand so I can get an accurate idea of what to expect. I could probably run the TM all the way up there to be safe, it will pull the boat faster then the big motor at an idle..

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    I have been there in a canoe in summer, funny thing is it looks like you're up at Delaware or Alum because the banks are wooded, but you can clearly hear I-71.
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    Their is a wall ,under water, within 30yds of front street. bridge. If water is really low you may want to use trolling motor
    .When leaving Green Lawn dock, go Southwest to avoid shallow areas. Then as preivious reported. Stay in the western half of the river. Take a pole, don't waste oppertunity.
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    sow.. just watch your back dooood.. i mean really really watch your back.. ;) LOL
    ps.. its quite shalllow by the first launch as you drive in.. i fished on that ramp during some winters ago..
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    MEGA LOL! They don't call it the pickle park for no reason.
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    Well everything went good with this project. Thanks for all the info because I navigated exactly how you said and we stayed in the clear. I thought the area at the ramp was going to be questionable since I was loading 4 others and myself but I just set the TM down, went to the west side and then Idled up the river. Did notice you have to be real cautious around the bridge, some piles of re-rod sticking up.

    Thanks for the heads up C-Looker, stayed outta there path. ;)