Whitewater River???

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  1. Does anybody have any info on the Whitewater River IN/OH? I've searched posts and can't really find anything.
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    I have not had any luck so far this year on the Whitewater River although I have not tried it since the spring. With the recent rain that we have had the water level maybe up and could be producing. I know it sucks when the water level is down and it hot out until dusk or early in the morning. If you are wondering what you can catch it, it is pretty diverse. I have caught whitebass, wipers, saugeye, saugers, smallies, crappies, large mouths, bluegills, channels, and flatheads. There are a ton of shads swimming around. If you are good with a cast net, you can do pretty good.

  3. Haven't been on it since 2005 but around the I-74 stretch in Indiana, pulled a couple of nice smallies out of there. Anywhere between 3-5 lbs. All on jigs and small crankbaits.

    Lots of channel cats there too - mostly 5 lbs and under though.