WhiteWater River & MiamiWhiteWater Lake?

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  1. I fish the miami whitewater lake pretty often but I was just curious if there are any techniques or lures that have been more effective than others. The whitewater river is practically in my back yard but I have never fished it seriously. I was also curious if anyone has fished it and if so is there any baits or ways to fish it that are effective. I appreciate the info.
  2. I've caught one walleye and a lot of smallmouth in the 1-2 lb. range out of the WW river but not much else. Always seems like they like white - jigs, roadrunners, and crankbaits.

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    The Whitewater River offers some good fishing depending on what moods the fishes are in. My brother and I have done well during the spring and early summer down by the pool where the river meets US 50. We have caught saugers, whitebass, channels, smallmounts, largemouths, and wipers. It typically does best when the water is a little higher than the normal and the water is clear. Summer fishing could be productive but you have to hit it early or at dusk. We always had luck with just jig head with a plain white grub. Spoons works too along with rattle-traps.

    Miami Whitewater...you have to be patient with that lake. It gets a lot of fishing pressure and I mean lots. If what you are going after is bass then just the ole jig and pig would do fine. Others have done well with crankbaits, swimbaits, and soft plastics. The bluegills are quite easy to catch there provided you rent a boat. Fish along the woods with a #6 hook, wax worm, and bobber and you can literally catch them all day. You can also catch them on smaller inline spinnerbaits too. If you are after some monster cats then you can get some goldfish, shiners, and suckers at the marina and chuck them out into the water. There are plenty of cats in there in the 10 lbs range. My personal bests out of there is a 23 and a 30 pounder. One was caught on a shiner and the other a goldfish.
  4. I seem to recall some sort of Budweiser (or some other large corp) sponsored tourney there which they released a couple of big cats into the lake...like 50 or 60 pounders perhaps? It was a while back and I'm probably wrong, but does anyone else remember anything of the sort?
  5. It was Budweiser that did it.The cats name was BIG BUD and a 500 dollar tag was put on him.They don`t do it any more.But they do have a few big catfish tourny`s a year. There is alot of nice cats in there. Caught these last night.

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  6. It's good to hear that I'm not crazy afterall! Nice fish too!

    Edit: went out this evening with the woman and her friend and rowed around the lake for a few hours...caught one small bluegill. Can't say I had a bad time but some more fish would have been nice.