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Whitewater River Help

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by netbizzitch, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Hello everybody, I'm knew to the website. Great website I might add. Just wondering if anyone has fished the spillway below Brookville dam, or parts of the Whitewater river between there and say, Harrison? It all looks like great fishing water. Thanks for any info.
  2. Welcome! I can't give any advice about the Whitewater, but there are a few guys on here that seem to fish it pretty regularly. I'm sure there will be a few responses on here.

  3. Tailwater is hit or miss. There are some small stripers and smallies that hang out there, but are very finicky. As with most tailwaters you need a good flow coming out. Further downstream the fishing can be good, especially for smallmouth. There are plenty of places to put in / pull out a canoe. There are a lot of deep holes pretty much from the tailwater down to the Ohio River. There are a couple of canoe liveries that run on that river so the weekends can get crowded. I don't fish the river much, as I prefer the main lake. I fish Brookville lake a lot, and the fishing in the lake has been pretty good the last two years. I've had good returns on smallmouth, largemouth, walleye, crappie, and white bass. I do not fish for stripers much as I like numbers rather than size, so you may want to seek others for advice on that. If you head north, and fish the river before it hits the lake, I hear the white bass run can be exciting, and that is where most go for largemouth.
  4. I have caught some decent smallies out of the Whitewater River, and have been told there are some monsters. I would like to fish the River more, but I have had difficulty finding good places to launch. Most of the river runs through private property, and there are NO public launch sites to my knowledge. I know that Morgan’s will allow you to launch, but I do not know of a good place to take-out downstream. If you find some launch sites, I’m always looking for a shuttle partner!
  5. I fish the Whitewater a great deal. As previously stated, access is a problem.
    Canoeing is the best way to go. Smallmouth, spots, catfish and drum are the main attractions. I have yet to encounter a "monster" smallmouth, 17" about the largest. The locals tend to string anything with any size. Too many meat-hunters in that area.
  6. Thanks for the help guys. Can't wait to hit it hard this spring and summer. I"m going to get a kayak along with Cowboy around April, so I'll be looking to explore and fish. Should be alot of fun. Thanks again for the info.

  7. Gone Fission

    Gone Fission Ancient Member

    There are a few decent places to put in but the best place to take out is just before Harrison under I-74 bridge (EASY access). A buddy and I are planning a long canoe trip in April (Connersville to Harrison). I am sure the water will still be too cool for any heavy action but we still hope to catch a few small mouths. In the early to mid summer months we have a lot of luck using beetle spins and rooster tails. This time of year we will have to fish small jigs or craws.

    Try the following site for some put in sites:
  8. DavidWS10

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    Rooster, If you put in at Morgan's, you can pull out at the Canoe Livery on Suspension Bridge Road, just south of Harrison. PM me if you want further details.