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Whites Landing

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by pymybob, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Just read a report of safe ice off Whites Landing from

    Here is the link:

    and here is the latest report:

    Re: whites landing
    « Reply #18 on: Jan 21, 2005, 01:02 PM »
    yesterday 4 people ended up fishing, 4-6 inches ice, 6feet water in most places, they fished the first spring and setup a shanty, the ice on the spring is 4in and the water is muddy, first fish caught and a few bites on minnow, pole and bobber. water at spring 9 feet + they fished again today but came in about noon, don't know if they caught anything today. I will keep you all informed on what up here.

    Anybody familiar with this body of water? I know its Sandusky Bay but have never fished it? Anyone have any insight?
  2. Never fished it Bob, but I have spoken with several who have, (none this season). The area is in Sandusky Bay and is a collection of springs. There are probably more fall throughs there than all other spots in the state combined, (moderate exageration). Ohio spring water is 55 degrees year around, the average year around air temps. That's why the ice there is iffy unless real thick. Fortunately, much of the water is shallow, 4-5 ft. The fishing is less than spectacular. Mostly dink bullheads and perch, although it does produce larger perch and slabs on occasion. Imho, if you've never fished it you haven't missed anything, with the possible exception of a good case of Costanza syndrome. :eek:

  3. hearttxp

    hearttxp Lake Erie Charter Captain

    Never fished there guys but have caught perch up by the old causeway in sandusky bay. It is alot safer there are no springs. Didn't fish there today. River still very brown form last week. Caught a few perch in one of the Marinas in west Harbour had about 6"-7" on ice.