Whites and hybrids ?

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  1. Everyone is looking for the magic day they turn on.looking for the divine light to shine on the water somewhere to there here.Once again go look for um there biting right now.yesterday i caught 65 whites and hybrids.4 were dinks i say dink because they wernt sizes i would keep.caught um on crankbaits,4 inch grubs,swimmin minnows and rocket shad.im suprised that i dont see any other post on the bite other than questions about when because im not the only one bustin there azz.guess they dont wana share
  2. carxman17

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    ? where you fishing at???

  3. Fishman

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    I'de share if I knew where they were catching them, the white bass taste like trash and the hybrids arn't that great either :D
  4. Mystic, I'd say they are up the creeks! ;)
    Caught a few Sat., couple nice wipers, fishman, "taste like crap" I guess you're trying to save the tasty ones for those of us that know how to cook them? ;)
  5. Juan More Fish

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    Cant wait for whitebass run.:p
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    What makes you think they are not already running?