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  1. has anyone tried white-star for those trout they put in there?
  2. CoolWater

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    They didn't put them in yet, moved to April 11, 2008, due to ice cover.

  3. wondering if anyone tried white star today? I think today was when they were stocking the trout.
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    Yea I was there briefly, early on after they put them in everyone reported they were cake to catch. Then the winds picked up (at which point I arrived) and made the fishing a bit tougher. I decided not to stick around due to the wind and the fact that it was a complete zoo. Was surprised how many folks took the day off.

    I was in contact with NSOF off of here and he went out in a boat this evening - 2 of them fishing and they got 5 total fish.

    I'm sure the trout will fish fine for a week or so... I just don't fancy the crowds nor gail force winds. I might head back this weekend but will definately take the jon boat.
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    IDK how much longer you'll be able to get them... We trolled around in 1 footers lol with electric and it was hetic :) Still never picked up any with that.... Those five were as soon as we anchored up with 3 anchors :) 1 powerbait... Not very big either-saw one golden...
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    Hit them up in lima friday (schoonover park) limited out in 1 hr.

    Rainbows taste good!!
  7. 3 neighbors got there limits ,,in less than 1 hour they said you could have netted them after they were released ,,they acted like they were lost ,,some sport
  8. Pard went and said it was a joke, fish after fish called me and i went for eyes instead, dinky trout cast after cast is not my bag.
  9. I attended my first trout release
    here and it left me totally po'd.
    These people consider themselves anglers, I think not.
    One group of four men bragged
    about there limits in 30 min. and
    then proceded to use the parks
    picnic tables to clean thier catch.
    I was comfortable at my spot until
    a small boat appeared over the hole I had targeted for the morning. I could have casted over the boat from shore. They were luckey enough to boat 5 or 6
    and they left. My next encounter
    left me even more infuriated, although I may have done something wrong in the eyes of those who passed by me. I placed
    my rod on the ground to retrieve
    my tackle bag about 10 ft away and to turn around and see a 12 y/o standing on my rod and reel
    and then watch his father step in the same place and walk thru, WOW what nerve. My last incident was when a gent cast
    across my line waited a few min. and did a slow retrieve only to drag mine in also and this happend the second time and then he proceded to ask me what the hell am I doing to him. I packed it in and my thoughts of
    a broiled or grilled trout with it
    went also. I'm just VENTING I guess and maybe the Maumee
    was looking better at the tme.
    I don't think so either.

  10. I think you need to take these things for what they are; a kids playpark. Anyone can catch the trout on release day and get their limit under an hour. Its a great way to get the kids hooked on fishing.
  11. Holland, I think after the way the adults acted there I would rather take a child fishing any day.
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    I just want a stupid Golden for my life list... don't know where else I could target them other then the stockings. I would certainly agree fishing them right as they come out the tube is less then sporting.

    I don't want to make any generalist comments about the type of people that the stockings bring out (heck, I'm one of them), but what Gene described is rather typical of what I have experienced too. Everything from overbagging to just downright rude... it's all there.
  13. Thanks CW for the response I was beginning to think I was just being
    abit overboard on my response. I am
    glad you have a target for a golden and had some merit to atleast avoid
    the melee there.
    Holland just as a side note since I was unable to savor my first trout
    I ordered take out chinese for dinner.
  14. bassmaniac

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    I like the way the DNR has scheduled trout stockings here in Fostoria the past couple years. It's been late October, usually crappy out and nobody goes.
  15. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    That suxs I would have punched that kid lol :)