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White Star Trout 4/10

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ShoreBoundOne, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. ShoreBoundOne

    ShoreBoundOne lengthy Member

    Well took the wife and kids down on saturday. It took a bit of work, but ended up with 10 good fish average 12". Had to move to find em.
    The worst part was....the @#$%^ divers. A bunch of inconsiderate louts!!
    I watched em crowd 3 people off a platform then dive in right under about 25 peoples fishing lines. They could have gone to the far end of the quarry to enter the water...where noone was fishing but they didnt care. I got so mad...i asked them why they were being so inconsiderate of the fisherman...the only comment was.."you want me to walk all the way down there? with all this stuff on?"...i said no i want you to drive your car down there instead. He replied "i payed 10 bucks to dive here, how much did you pay to fish?"....i replyed with some choice words that i wont repeat here but you get the drift.
    Anyway...i caught one on my trusty red and white dare devil...then lost it :(, the rest i was lightlining corn....wifey caught hers on Powerbait.

  2. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    Very nice to hear someone made it out there to get a few, nice going. I may hit Pearson (Oregon) today if I have time. It seems like there is always someone or something trying to keep ya from having a good day- guess it was divers that day! Glad to hear it didn't ruin it for ya...

    Thanks for the post...