White Star Quarry

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  1. ok so I fished the quarry when they released the trout and had a good time. I was skeptical, but it really was fun. Now I am wondering what the plavce is like the rest of the year? With the size and depth I am thinking there must be some good bass and bluegill in there. Anybody know what the trick is to catchin em there? I was thinking about going this weekend with some shiners and power bait and just see what bites. I remember being told not to fish the bottom. Is this true?
  2. I fished the Quarry a few times from the bank and out of a canoe. There are some nice bass in there, i had better luck out of the canoe then from the bank. as you might know only about half of the quarry is fishable from the bank. i would imgaine there are some nice bluegills in there as well. Also on the white star quarry website they mention the quarry holds pike. No sure if there are still any in there or not.
    Hope this helps

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    Check This Out
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  4. Seems they have added a few things to dive on since I was at the bottom of White Star. Cool! Thanks for the link Jonny, I enjoyed the footage. Sorry I missed you at Turtle Creek.
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    Break a Slim Jim into small pieces and use that for bait. The bluegills in there go nuts over them.;) Because of the thermocline, I'd fish 30' or shallower. When I used to dive it, I'd hit the thermocline around 30' or a tad deeper, and all of the fish I seen were above it.:)
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    I prolly saw ya just didn't know who ya were!
    There are so many sweet vids on youtube!!!

    What about that 25' hump off the ramp any good there?
  7. thanks for the help guys. I think im gonna have to get out there this weekend. Sounds like it might be a good place for me to try out slip bobbers for the first time. Get it deep, but not too deep. Hopefully i can report back with some good pics!
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