White star quarry and eagle lake...

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  1. I went over to look at white star quarry and was really impressed, I didnt get a chance to fish it and I dont know how the fishing is there right now but it looks awesome and I cant wait to try it ...fishing there is free as long as you have a license. While I was in the area I passed by eagle lake RV resort and found out that its $5 per day per person to go in and fish if you arent camping there. It too looks really good. For those who are looking for another place to try here is a couple I though I would mention.
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    White Star you have to use very finesse techniques because of the water clarity. There are bass catfish trout crappie gills and small perch in there to. If you have a boat try the hump on the map by the ramp.

    Eagle Lake is pretty big and has alot of gills cats and a few bass... Good Luck!

  3. I am wondering if minnows dropped deep down beside the ledges would produce any perch.