white perch

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  1. seeing that Ladue is being over-run with white perch...has anybody tried eating them and if so, how are they and how did you prepare them? Just wondering
  2. If they are the same type of fish known as white perch from lake erie, I have filleted them the same as you would any other panfish. They are a little stronger than bluegill or crappie but not that bad. Keep them cool on ice and clean them as soon as possible. If you see the red color on the outside of the fillet, you may want to cut that off as you are cleaning the fish.

    I have fried them with a thin layer of breadcrumbs and parmesean cheese and season salt and eaten them myself and shared them with company without any complaints.

  3. Not sure what size they are running at Lad. but I used to know a guy(who took his two brothers) who would make a special trip to the east cost each spring, fish for them in the back bays and the mouths of rivers that dump into the ocean. They caught them up to 2-3 lbs! Filleted them and brought back coolers full. They loved them!
  4. They're about as good as white bass which they're closely related to.
  5. I fried some up with a batch of crappie I caught out of Ladue and I could not tell one from the other. I could tell when I was cleaning them as the meat was tougher and easier to fillet.