white hots!!

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  1. has anyone seen these in n e ohio? muzzle loading powder!!
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    brand new product, i havent heard good or bad about it.

  3. Talked to a salesman at the Sportsman's Den in Shelby right before Christmas and he told me this powder was coming out. He said he had shot it on a hunt and had great luck with it. Not the problems with the crud ring of 777 and good performance. Where did you find it ?
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    Actually, the "crud ring" you speak of is caused by using too hot a primer, or so this is the way it was explained to me... The common shotgun primers you buy for reloading actually have enough pressure to push your sabot down the barrel before the pellets ignite, causing the "crud ring" at the point the sabot sits when the powder burns. By switching to a "cooler" primer, the Winchester 777 to be exact (specifically made to use with 777 pellets), I no longer have had ANY problems with a crud ring when reloading. I have fired 6-8 rounds without swabbing, and the sabot seats in the exact same place without forcing it past a "crud ring".

    I was skeptical at first also, but I'm sold. My experience is with the TC Encore .50 cal. Not for sure how others will do. Just my .02 worth.
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    I changed my TC Omega to use .25 ACP pistol brass w/small pistol primer and never had any problems with "crud ring" or flyers since the change.
  6. I understand the problem may be with "too hot" a primer so they developed a "special" 777 primer to supposedly alleviate the problem. My issue is spending $8-10 for 100 shotshell primers. I know it is only a little bit in the grand scheme of things but you know Ray Kroc's motto, become a millionaire 0.25 at a time.
  7. i seen in a ad in guns&ammo page 31 march issue.