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  1. do white bass only run once a year, or are there multiple spawning runs? i got into my first river white bass spawning run early this summer and it was incredible...me n my cousin would go out every day n catch 15-20 apiece within 45 min...and all fish 14 in or larger....we never kept too many but i never had caught them like that b4...this lasted for about 1.5 weeks or so and then the bite went away...but while it lasted, it was a blast on light tackle. we'd arrive at our spot, and guys would be leaving with 35-40 fish...we'd pick up where they left off and start catchin fish right away ourselves. man i hope this happens more than once a year
  2. Only once man. Only once.

    Where were you fishing for them at?

  3. eh... i didnt mention the spot because it's out of state...shenango river....altho the pa/oh border slices right thru the middle of the river at the spot i fish...so i guess technically since i was catching fish from both banks, this question could apply to the ohio side...dammit man that fishing was fun....now i got to wait a whole year for it again...oh well was great while it lasted.
  4. You can get that kind of fishing in Ohio, too. Just go to the Sandusky or Maumee. This time of year you would want to fish the lakefront for nonstop action.
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    It starts in the west, and slowly moves to the eastern parts of the state.
    My guess is they can probally be caught at eastlake or conneaut pretty consistantly now.
  6. They have been great numbers off conneaut wall for a few weeks now.Nonstop action.
  7. sweet....thx a lot guys.