White Bass: How do they taste???

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  1. I like walleye, crappie and "gills". I see a lot of people talking about white bass on this site. How do they compare???
  2. Hang Loose No compairson .They are still good eating the best way to make them taste the best is to get them on ice as soon as you can.Also skin them that will take most of the fish taste away. Tight lines Fishguy

  3. Plus, try to remove all the red meat.
  4. Soak them in Milk! with water too
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    Do what all these guys said (except I use beer instead of water) and eat them fresh. Also, I have had no luck at all freezing them. It destroys the texture and makes them all mushy. Somebody has a solution for this, I know, but none of them have worked for me. I get enough Walleye that I don't even bother freezing WB any more.

    See you out there.

  6. I agree with getting them on ice shortly after you catch them. Soaking them in milk the night before you cook them up really seems to help as well. I bake most of my fish and try different marinates from time to time. Enough Cayenne Pepper Sauce can make anything edible! Giant Eagle sells White Bass for $7.99 a pound, so somebody must like them and know how to cook them right.
  7. I really like them grilled with butter and garlic sauce. Two years ago I froze white bass and wasn't pleased with the results frying or baking them. I turned the rest into fish stew. Wasn't too bad. Like it's already been posted, eat them as fresh as possible.
  8. anyone ever hear of soaking your fish in ginger ale???????????
  9. Got some a few years back, thru the ice, thought i would try some for supper that night. Started to fry them, and they started Stinking up the kitchen, and wife said '' GET THEM STINKING THINGS'' out of here.
    That was the last time i tried them.

    But i know some guys, that soak them in white fineger over night, and they like them.

  10. I've fried them and they were horrible. I've grilled them over charcoal with lemon, butter, salt and pepper and they were very good. Any fish that has a strong taste is much better on the grill.
  11. Well I might road-test a couple. But if they don't compare, at least I'll appreciate the ones I like better. I've caught them before but always on accident. Threw 'em back. I know somebody has to like them because I've seen people coming out of Big Walnut creek with more than a few on their stringer.

    Thanks everyone!!!
  12. The one thing I'll say is get them cold ASAP and keep them cold. I see people taking long stringers of them in hot weather then complaining they don't taste good. Well, if you caught a stringer of Walleyes and left them dragging alongside the boat or in a bucket of water how would they taste?

    With their texture you can't freeze them. At least I've never been able to. They get mushy very fast when frozen.
  13. If you are getting a real strong taste maybe the red meat is still on or you didn't cut off the belly fat. I think white bass has one of the mildest flavors of all fish.
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    I've found the WB caught in clean water, like the ones I catch at Findlay res. taste alot better than ones caught in dirty water, and everyone is right about keeping them cold and not to freeze them.
  15. I don't make a habit of doing the White Bass to often but...

    Take the fillet, (skin off) pan freeze them (cookie sheet), once frozen then if ya got a vacum sealer, do the vacum thing. But make shure they are frozen solid. If one tries to vacum seal without freezing it sometimes sucks the fluid out of the fillet & it's not as tasty. Same for the Eye's & most other game fish.

    Yes as posted, milk does wonders for White Bass, but then most people are spoiled eatin eye's & perch.
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