White Bass at Tappan

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  1. Have the White Bass started to hit yet? I've been too busy to get out but I love the taste of them and they're great fighters. :)
  2. tcba1987

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    the white bass usually start their run at Tappan right around the first week of May !! i usually go down and fish it 3-4 times a week when they are running. id say around May 7th is a good time to check it out !!

  3. uglykat23

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    i dont know about tappan but they are hitting right down the road at clendening
  4. Water temp's 53-57 as of Tuesday afternoon.
  5. Sounds like fun at clendening......
  6. Rec


    I'm new to fishing Tappan (my family recently bought a cabin on lower beaver dam bay). I have fished the white bass run at Hoover up the Big Walnut Creek and know where to find the fish, but I'm not sure about Tappan. Do the white bass run up the Little Stillwater? Is the Little Stillwater fishable? I'm not looking for honey holes, just some general info on fishing the white bass run at Tappan. I'm planning on spending the weekend there in a couple weeks. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. tcba1987

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    a good place to start for white bass at tappan is on the dam.......walk back and forth along the front of the dam casting small inline spinners !! if you are in a boat.................. from the boat ramp on st rt 250 up to the dam is a good area to start fishing for them.

    the little stillwater is fishable in alot of areas, there is several areas in the uhrichsville area that are fishable. the stillwater CAN be good for saugeye late in the Fall and early in the Spring time. the stillwater has alot of catfish in it and a decent population of smallmouth bass in some areas !!!