White bass at Hoover?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Buckeye_Sam, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Since we are firmly into the summer pattern I was just wondering if anyone has noticed any top water action by the white bass on Hoover? Is it too early still? I would love to get into some fast action and don't mind chasing the birds all around the north end if there's anything going on.

    Otherwise I'll just have to stick with the cats.
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    they can show up at any time of day,but right now,early morning is probably a good time to catch them busting the surface.but if you can find balls of baitfish suspended,they will be following them and can be caught by jigging or casting.

  3. Well we found the baitfish. Or rather they found us, pretty much everywhere around the north end. I did get one crappie tossing a jig around the bait ball, but no white bass.

    We fished until about 11pm and ended up with 5 cats, all over 21 inches.
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    there should be fish hanging out around the sunvbury rd. bridge.they do move around a lot,but still have favorite areas.check the shad density maps in the link below.they'll give you an idea where the preferred areas are for baitfish at different times.though they'll be basically everywhere,they do have preferences where they really stack up at certain times of the year.
  5. very interesting rick. i use to love to troll the area I called it the bowl has the high walls around it on the west side of the lake and then headed back south to the redbank ramp about half way i did ok on em in that area looks like i could of done better in other areas easily though.
  6. The baitfish that we were seeing on the north end were shad fry, only about an inch long. I'm guessing the shad spawn up in the creeks in numbers and then the fry come down with the flow into the north end. Just about everything would feed on these guys and there were definitely fish feeding on them. But it was just more of a random thing, so they might have been largemouth. And they were just about everywhere, so it wasn't easy to target a certain area to cast to. I supposed if we had done some trolling through the whole mess of them we would have done better.

    I hadn't noticed the same numbers of these small shad in the south end, although I'm sure they're there. Those maps are interesting. Although I see that study was done a couple years ago. Do you find that they hold in the same areas each year?
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    the patterns don't change a lot from year to year.only time they would noticably,would be in years when water levels drop drastically.but a fresh hatch will be like you witnessed.baitfish everywhere.but fish have favorite areas and just finding lots of baitfish at this time doesn't gaurantee you'll find the fish;)
    when your ff screen is almost solid black with baitballs though,they likely will attract feeding fish.
    if you study the maps of fish movements and overlay those locations on the shad densities,you'll get a better idea of what's happening at different times.