White Bass at Deer Creek!

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by spacecadet, Apr 10, 2008.

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    Talked to a couple of guys outside of Mary's Bait Shop yesterday. They said that they had caught about five white bass just north of Pancoastburg. So, I grabbed some minnows and rooster tails and started just north of McCafferty Rd. Had 16 males in about 25 minutes! Another guy about 100 ft from me was doing even better! Looks like we didn't miss the run after all!:)
  2. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!! thats good news!!!

  3. are you able to wade there?
  4. thanks for the input, I just might go down tonight.
  5. Juan More Fish

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    I love fishing for white bass.
    Tommrow, i m gonna head to Deer creek and sww if we cant get in on the action.!
    My 2 girls 11, and 10 and my boy 2. See if we cant have any fun. wish us look.:)
    Are they deep, my girls will be useing floats with minnows.
  6. how is the water at Deer Creek? Is it like at Alum - chocolate color?

    I have never fished at Deer Creek, just once below the dam for 10 minutes. I was thinking about going there tomorrow, which spot guarantees at least 20 large WB? :)
  7. How is the boat ramp over there????
  8. StuckAtHome

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    If the run has started, man it seems early this year, but the next cold front will more than likely push them back into the lake. I bet the females are a few weeks away, but when they are there, its a ball(and shoulder to shoulder), sad thing is the place where the river starts turns into a trash dump.
  9. Bubba bass bigfoot

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    stuckathome answered my question. I was wondering if the cold front will push them back. Man wanted to get at'em this weekend to.
  10. StuckAtHome

    StuckAtHome Mad SOT YAKER!

    The run can be very hard to hit right if the weather is bad, this seems a bit early to me, but who knows. When people start getting 1 pound plus WB, you know its on.
  11. Hit the creek this afternoon nothing
    Spoke with buddy coming out of the creek in a boat he said they loaded up on nice crappies but only a couple of small male WB
  12. StuckAtHome

    StuckAtHome Mad SOT YAKER!

    I would think the WB are still a week or two away, some will make their way into the creek, but the majority of the big fish are still in the head of the lake, now if you had a boat and a sounder, you might be able to clean house since they can be stacked up in the closest deep water before the creek, we did just that the last year I had the boat, took awhile to find them, and the were south of the boat ramp. The headwaters are super shallow, we killed them on the main point of the lake where it turns left towards the dam, it gets fished hard year round, but we were the only boat out that day.

    TIP: Not all the WB run up the creek to spawn, think feeder creeks no matter how small, wink, wink...
  13. I'll be fishing Deer Creek Tues, Wed and Thrus. I'll try to post Tues night and let you know the water conditions.
  14. Please do...I was there last week and the water in the main lake was muddy, was wondering if it was still that way. Thanks
  15. has anyone been up by the wildlife sign for white bass
  16. Fished south of the gun range today. Caught about 24 between my brother and I. All males and mostly small. Really had to work for them. Did get two decent largemouth as well. Seemed to be about the norm.
  17. I was just wondering if you could still wade by the gun range, I have wadded down a little farther but water is up to summer pool way to quick.
  18. It was my first time but I'd say the water in the creek looked normal. There were folks in waders, I just walked the bank.
  19. My buddy's dad called me today saying that his friend from work took the day off to hit the creek above the lake. He said he caught upwards of 30 whiteys. Almost all were male. Not sure of the sizes.