White Bass and Mother-in-Laws

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  1. I seem to take endless abuse from my fishing friends regarding white bass. If I catch a white bass, I throw it in the cooler. I like white bass, especially blackened with Old Bay in a cast-iron pan. I actually think I might prefer the slightly oilier and stronger taste of white bass to perch or walleye.

    So sue me.

    Anyways, on Saturday, my mother-in-law calls. She loves fish. She asked if we had any fish left in the freezer. My wife tells her, "Sure, come pick it up". So later that day, my father-in-law stops over to pick up fish. This is the first I've heard of it, so I go out into the freezer...

    ...And the only thing in there is 2 bags of white bass from June, 2007. Now, I like white bass, but I prefer to eat it within a couple weeks of being caught. So I tell Jim, "I can't vouch for this, but here you go. I don't know how good it will be." It turns out that she is having people over for a fish dinner! LOL!.

    Guess what? THEY RAVED ABOUT IT. They loved it. So now I have even more of a mandate to keep white bass. Because keeping the mother-in-law happy, by proxy, keeps the wife happy, which in turn, allows me to fish more.

    Side Note: It may a testament to the "zipping" process that the white bass were still good after nine months in the freezer. I took the time to zip the white bass fillets. Maybe the removal of that portion of the flesh prevent the white bass fillets to develop that characteristically "fishy" flavor that we often find in white bass that has been frozen for a few months.
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    That's excellent. I love largemouth bass and catch hell many times when I throw one or two in the livewell. They have nice thick, flakey white flesh that I sometimes prefer over walleye and perch.
    I have fooled my friend a few times when fishing in his boat. I catch a bass and then hold it over the side of the boat like I'm releasing it. He turns around to continue fishing and in the livewell it goes. He doesn't know about till we get back to shore than then he reads me the riot act.

    I don't like white bass though.

  3. I'll eat white bass and white perch if I'm planning on having a fish dinner that day. There's plenty of them out there.
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    You got it right, Dan. If cleaned properly, White Bass, are very tastey...! ;)
  5. keeping the mother-in-law happy, by proxy, keeps the wife happy, which in turn, allows me to fish more.

    AAAH, the circle of life!
  6. I really haven't had much fish at all, don't really like it, But white perch taste excelent. and Ladue is full of them. :D
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    we keep 'em, I know a lot of people that eat them. The white bass from Ladue seem to have a better taste tho.
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    To be honest, I don't keep white bass now that the walleye and perch are so strong. But years back I kept a lot of them. Few walleyes were around and perch off somewhere else. Quite tasty I thought when fresh. Put them on a cookie sheet cover with a little bit of cream of mushroom soup, smash up some croutons and sprinkle over top with some grated cheese. Now that I remember that, I might have to try it again.
  9. White bass????????? Those were sheephead!
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    Used to catch and keep them on lots of ice in cooler.....at home fillet/rinse and keep in real cold water.....put large pan water on stove/bring to a boil.....add Old Bay Seasoning (to taste) cut fillets in chunks......place in basket and put into boiling water/until they turn white......remove basket and plunge into large bowl of ice water.......cool meat .....drain.....place into "fridge" to stay cold.......Make your own shrimp sauce or use commercial brand.....in bowl/flake meat add shrimp sauce.......serve on plate with lettuce leaves and some shredded lettuce.......makes excellent tasting "POOR MANS Shrimp Cocktail Salad" PS. Biggest tip...... keeping the fish flesh, cold and firm......
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    That great CO64 I like em to
    And they're good for practicing cleaning skillz ;)
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    You haven't lived...! ;)
  13. Heh. One of the bags, a bag that YOU labeled in fact, suspiciously left out the "B" in White Bass.
  14. I agree but I bake it. Good stuff. I ALWAYS remove the mud line too. Makes a difference.
  15. Lewzer

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    How you cook them also makes a big difference in taste. I deep fry everything.
  16. White Bass are edible..not as good as perch but I will eat them. as far as LM Bass I have tried them and they are very good. A 15"- 16" LM Bass is very tasty. I like them better than white bass. (now I don't want to hear from you C&R guys).

    Com64 - Good move on keeping all the women happy!
  17. have open seat tomorrow to troll for white bass.

    be at ramp at 5 a.m.
  18. I need to work. If I get off early I will go to Dentist.