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Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by Flathead King 06, Jan 22, 2008.

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    I am currently debating on which rifle to buy for target shooting and a little bit of varmint control.... I want something that will have good knock down power up to 300 yds. but yet a round that isnt very expensive to purchase box after box..... my mind is made on the kind of rifle: Remington XR 100 Rangemaster
    but im undecided on the caliber of it.... coming in Ruger 204, 223, and 22-250 ... I know the 22-250 would probably be my best bet but I already own a 22-250 so thats kinda out of the picture.... I myself am leaning towards the 204 but there's where money comes in for ammunition.... what would you guys do?
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    Dynamite......and lots of it!

  3. You've ruled out 2 of the 3. Seems to me that makes the decision quite easy. Nothing cheaper than .223 ammo.
  4. I totally agree you can get 223 ammo as cheap as $5 or so per 20 and as much as $15-17 for the higher end stuff.
  5. The others have nailed it, for cheap factory ammo, the .223 is the king !! If you're sold on the .204 you could start reloading yourself or find someone to do it for you. If you shoot a bunch, I think I'd go the reloading route for both the cost savings & the accuracy.
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    223 for cheap ammo... 204 would be my choice ( i reload )
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    well I think im sold on the 204... we have a reloading press just have to buy everything for the 204.... thanks for everyones opinions
  8. I like mine, Im sure you will be happy with yours once you get started.