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  1. Hello again,

    Have another question. So ok I'm doing some largemouth BASS fishing this year in Ohio and the question I have this time is size of crankbaits such as like the Rapallas. I noticed that there are like 4 different sizes. So looking into buying some for the tackle box I'm wondering what size should I get for the Bass here in Ohio? Here is an example from BPS site and the sizes they offer.
    Model CD01 - 1", 1/16 oz, Single tail hook
    Model CD03 - 1-1/2", 1/8 oz, Two size 12 hooks
    Model CD05 - 2", 3/16 oz, Two size 10 hooks
    Model CD07 - 2-3/4", 1/4 oz, Two size 7 hooks
    Model CD09 - 3-1/2", 7/16 oz, Two size 5 hooks
    Model CD11 - 4-3/8", 9/16 oz, Two size 3 hooks

    Here is an example of a Rap shad
    Model SRRS04: 1-1/2"; 3/16 oz; #6 hook
    Model SRRS05: 2"; 3/16 oz; #6 hook
    Model SRRS07: 2-3/4"; 5/16 oz; #4 hook

    So would love to get some advice on lure size
  2. Anything between 2.5in and 3.5in and you will be fine in the ohio. Although I have hooked up with plenty of good sized bass on smaller cranks. You will have better luck catching larger bass with larger baits. Where will you be fishing with these in Ohio. Lakes, Ponds, Rivers? Also I wouldn't count out swim baits for Bass they can work out awesome.

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    i love the jointed shad raps for just about anything that swims its my go to crank i cant say enough about em. also i am becomming very fond of the cotton cordell jointed grappler shad. in my opinion size depends on what u feel confident in fishing i myself prefer 2- 3" baits because it matches the hatch so to speak in the waters i fish but i usually do try to match my lure as close as i can to what the bass in that particular body of water eat. that seems to be pretty much a rule of thhumb for me for everything except plastic worms. not sure why they work so well but thats my all time favorite bass bait. just remember that bass have an expanding stomach that will stretch to allow whatever it consumes. if hungry enough a bass will try to eat anything it can fit into its mouth. i dunno if that helps u out any just my 2 cents.
  4. Mostly I fish the inland lakes such as Mosquitto, Magadore, Berlin, Pymatunning and the like. I guess the reason I asked which size crank to use is that I was looking at some of them and the trebble hooks on some of them look way small and I was wondering if that would keep a decent size Bass on?