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  1. Went to Bass Pro yesterday intending to get some line, Power Pro wasn't any cheaper than I can get it locally and there were so many others, some cheaper and some more expensive, very confusing. P line has about a jillion types it seems, anyone have any recommendations ?? I fish around the rocks a lot and mostly for hybrids. Something that is tough but still soft enough for long casts would be great.
  2. I don't know what it's worth, but I use the Bass Pro Excel line from my flippin rod down to my spinning outfits. Used to be strictly Stren, with this Excel I can't tell the difference and with the cost savings I'm not losing any fish either. Tightlines.

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    Try Vicious Flourocarbon. I use 17-20# test when channel catfishing and it workd great. Very abrasion resistent around the rocks.
  4. If you are fishing around the rocks you want a tough mono or flourocarbon line. Nothing will cost you a fish faster in the rocks than a braid. For shock absorbtion, abrasion resistance, and overall strength I would go with the P-line. If you don't have the money don't worry about the superlines! I have been catching thousands of fish big and small over the years on just Trilene XL. It is very limp and seems to hold up to quite a bit of abuse. Once I get the money I am going to try Berkley's new Flourocarbon the Tournament strength. I have heard nothing but good things about it and I want it because of its near zero visibility to fish. Remember when fishing for Wipers there is the possibility of a Striper. Both fish fight tenaciously and you don't want to spool up with too heavy of a line. Reasons being that you do not want to get spooled or end up with a broken rod and no fish either way. I will spool up with a lighter line 8-12lb test on a high capacity reel. This will allow you longer casts and plenty of line to play them out on.
  5. too wiry. You need a can of blakemore's reel and line magic for it.
  6. Bagley's Silver Thread AN40 is great. I have been using this line since it came out in the 80's. I can't say enough. It has a smaller diameter than mono, better abrasion resistance, low memory. The best part is if you use 8lb you can go with 6lb silver thread. It's just that much stronger of a line. I have used spools of this line for two action packed seasons in a row without respooling. I know these are pretty unbeleivable claims but I would challenge anyone to first give it a try. It's even less expensive at $4.99 for a filler spool. Oh, and by the way; I don't own stock in the company.
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    p line cx is by far the best. i bass fish all the time(when the weather is good).try 10 lbs 4 spinning and 15 lbs or bigger 4 baitcasting.trust me ive tried they all.
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    I fished a lot of streams out west landing 30lb fish on 12lb maxima ultragreen. I have switched to suffix this year and it is holding up well so far and it's priced right.
  9. Thanks for all the replies so far, keep them coming. I used some power pro for the first time last year and I liked the feel I got with it. I also used some p line but I cant even remember which type there are so many of them.
  10. Beware of suffix!!!!! I wanted to try it last year and I did. I ended up losing a couple of nice fish on it last year. The line would break right at the knot. I thought it was just me but my buddies were having the same issue. I fish over 100 days a year so I had time to put it to the test. Never again I can assure you of that!
  11. i agree about the suffix have not tried the braid but both the red and blue packaged ones broke at the knot
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    I'll keep an eye on the knots. I use either the palomar or trilene knot and haven't had any break-offs yet. I was using 6lb with a barrel swivel and 6lb fluoroleader for steelhead.
  13. I second Bass Pro Excel!!! Very good mono for the money. I actually pulled 2 spools of power pro off last night and strung with excel becasue of the rock issue.
    I actually use cajun line sometimes when fishing in shallow or murky water.
  14. Probably gonna try the P line cdx but I relly like the feel of the power pro. You can really find some good prices online.
  15. i will agree bass pro excel is a great line it has done me justice over the years.
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    Berkley Big Game...I am surprised no one mentioned it. I have not lost a fish due to line breakage after I switched to it 10+ years ago. Very abraision resistance with high impact strength. The only draw back to them especially in the higher test strength is that the line tends to have some memory but if you are using a baitcaster, it is not really an issue. I have used up to 15 lbs test on 2500 and 3000 series spinning reels without any issues either.
  17. Call me old school, but plain old Lo-Vis Green Stren has worked for me for years.

    I simply raise or lower the test strength to fit my needs.

    4 to 6 lb for Ultra-light.
    8 to 10 for smallies and walleyes
    14 to 17 for river cats and big northerns
  18. bass pro excell thats all i've used in yrs.
    i have had 4lb# bend the hook on 1/16oz jig head many times.
    i use mostly 4lb an 6lb# line 99% of the time.

  19. Cady you hit it on the nail head P line in lighter test is the best product i have ever had on my reels only exception would be trileen xt 4lb i use it for rock bass fo the extra abrasion resistance