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Which Boat for Shallow Creek?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by BKent, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. BKent

    BKent Blacklick Creek Resident

    Long time Ohio fisherman, new member.

    I have a cabin in Northeastern Ohio on a private pond with great Bass fishing (Muzzy Lake in Rootstown) with a pontoon boat, john boat, canoe, sailboat.

    I live on the East side of Columbus in Reynoldsburg on Blacklick Creek. I'm looking for something I could use in Blacklick, Big Walnut, any other local creek. The problem is the section of blacklick right behind my house gets pretty shallow in spots, so it would have to be easy to portage. I'm thinking either a river kayak or a canoe, any advice?

    I have chest waders I usually use...
  2. I'd go with a canoe. I love mine and use it in Darby Creek and Deer Creek all the time. I saw Dicks had some on sale for pretty cheap.

  3. BKent

    BKent Blacklick Creek Resident

    Can you recommend a certain type of hull?

    Do you have a two seater.

  4. This is the canoe I have
    I got it at Sams Club about 7 years ago and it was $299 or $399, cant remember which but either way it was much cheaper than anything else I have seen. It came with the paddles and has 3 seats with a built in cooler in the middle seat along with drink holders a place for the paddles and a small dry lock storage compartment. Its heavy for a 14 foot canoe but very tough and handles small creeks great, can take a real beating. Its made from royalex which is very tough. It has no keal on the bottom so you can turn it on a dime and go through very shallow water. Without the keal it doesnt track great in open water but I use it on Hargus all the time and other small lakes without a problem. Its very wide and stable so its great for fishing. I think you can get this same canoe at Bass Pro. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.
  5. BKent

    BKent Blacklick Creek Resident


    What do you use to transport, a roof rack for a car?

    I'm gonna get it soon and just use it in blacklick for now, but want to branch out and I only have a 4 door car...
  6. I have a Ford Ranger with a cap on it and I just turn it upside down and put it up there. I have hauled it on top of an Escort before. You can buy pads that fit over the sides of the canoe so it wont scratch the top of your car. You can buy a kit that has the pads and straps and stuff, probably get it at Dicks or Gander Mountain.
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