which 2-stroke oil do you use?

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  1. ive always used quick sliver or mercury 2-stroke oil for my merc 2 stroke. i imagine most evirude/johnson owners use evinrude/johnson 2-stroke oil. my question is has anyone ever used the cheaper generic 2-stroke oil like citgo? Gander moutain has the citgo oil on sale for $10 a gallon im thinking about trying it since quicksliver/merc oil is $30 a gallon.
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    i use the walmart penzoil @ $12 a gallon for 3 years now and no problems. if penzoil can't make a good oil ,then who can. and no doubt the major brands are not made by merc/rude . they are made by a big oil co. to their specs.

  3. yea thats what i was thinking that merc doesnt make their oil they have someone make it for them. thanks im gona try the citgo
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    i know paying close to 30 dollars a gallon for oil really stinks. but when it comes to my outboard(and it getting me back to shore), i will go with what ive been using without any problems, quicksilver. not all oils are created equally.

    i dont know the specifics, but i have heard that some cheaper made oils will load the motor up with carbon much faster than a better quality oil.


    im useing redline oil
  6. Have ran Pennzoil in my last 3 Opti's with out a single problem. It meets all manufacturers specs and has performed great.

    Good luck,

    Matt D
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    Another vote for Penzoil - I use it in my truck, and use it in my boat.

    Never a problem.