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  1. Anyone else have an obsessive-compulsive in their house who thinks you can keep the sidewalks and driveway clean by shoveling/blowing them every half hour during a major snow event in NE Ohio!? I hurt in places I didn't even know could hurt!
  2. Hetfieldinn

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    I have OCD, but snow isn't one of my weak points.

  3. Coot

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    It will melt.....eventually

  4. My father in-law is the same way.
  5. ezbite

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    after 5 +yesterday hours of snow removal and working a full shift at work, it can sit till it melts.lol.
  6. "She" loves to shovel snow but can't go like she used to(even though she thinks she still can!) so I get my butt in gear(and the 10 horse, 5 forwards-2 reverse, drift-buster!) and do the heavy stuff anymore. People in my neighborhood actually think we have an 80 ft. heated concrete driveway, it's so clean after(sometimes during!) a snow fall!
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    I just unburied my truck and shoveled everything that needed it this afternoon. No sense doing it 2 or 3 times.;)
  8. Last year we had a 3' drift in our driveway blocking my wifes car in the garage. I was on a time limit as she had to leave in a few hours and there was ALOT of snow to move. I usually pace myself at a steady speed and not work too awfully hard, taking frequent breaks. With an aluminum scoop shovel I suppose I had moved about half of the snow while wondering the whole time when she was going to come out and give me a hand. She never showed. I kept going. Then I started to feel strange. My vision was messed up and things started getting dark from the outside in, leaving me with tunnel vision.

    I stuck the shovel in the snow bank and went in to rest for awhile. Inside I found my wife working up a sweat on her oliptical machine! "Hi Honey! How's it going out there?" she asked. A slow boil came over me. I went back outside while the garage door was opening, plucked the scoop shovel from the snow bank and hung it back up on the wall. Later that afternoon, my new shovel was in the garage with 5 forward speeds and 2 reverses!! No questions were asked.
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    Hi. My name is ......uhh ....... John, yea that's it ....John, and I'm a snow removal addict. I just dare a snowflake to fall anywhere in MY neighborhood. If it's on a sidewalk or driveway near here it's doomed. These last 2 days have been pure ecstasy. I LOVE IT! Now is that this OCD you speak of? !%