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Where's the leak??

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ohiou_98, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. I have a 17' V-hull boat and have noticed that it leaks (but don't know where). After a few hours on the water, the carpet on the floor (but near the side) is wet. The wet spot starts small, and originates near the side of the boat. As time goes on, the wet spot grows larger and larger. Once I trailer the boat, I always pull the plug to drain the water that has leaked inside the boat.

    I'm trying to find the leak so it can be repaired, but, because the leak is below the floor, I don't know how to find it. Because the floor is getting wet next to the side, I suspect the leak is through a few rivets where the floor meets the side of the boat. Also, when the plug is pulled, the amount of water which releases is not enough to "fill up" the entire bottom of the boat and then bleed upward through the floor. (thus, I tend to think the leak is from the side)

    The floor of the boat rests on a ledge/lip which goes all around the boat. That ledge/lip is where rivets are located.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how I can find the exact location of the leak?

    And, once found, what is the best way to fix the leak?

  2. I have a similar type of leak in my boat. It is not bad enough to take the time to fix it but it will collect a fair amount of water in a few hours on the lake. What I did to find it was reversed the process.;) With my both sitting on the trailer at home I turned the hose on filled the bottom of the hull to test the rivets. I also have a spot where the prior owner had fixed a small hole in the aluminum and it turned out that the leak was in that repair spot. I think the best way to fix mine will be to rivet a section of aluminum over it since the hole is actually a crack a couple of inches long. To do it I will have to get down under my floor and I am not anxious to go there.:rolleyes: So I think the repoar will depend on what you find the problem to be. If it is loose rivets you may just need to replace some of those.

  3. I have a similar, very very slow, leak in my boat. I've tried numerous times to find the source, short of filling my boat with water. I've now learned to ignore it. :D
  4. I can't say as I have any advice on your boat but I did graduate OU in '98 :) I played hockey for my first year in '94 and lived in Pickering and then lived on High, then Mill, then way down Union next to the old drivethru, how about you? Good luck with the boat issue BTW!!
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    I agree with what bkr43050 said. Fill the bottom of the boat with water is the easiest way to see where the leak is.
  6. I've never really thought about filling the boat up w/ water because it's sooo big. 17' long with a 7' beam. doesn't sound good to fill the boat up with water w/ all the wiring beneath the deck, fuel line, etc. (I know, it's a boat, it should all be protected, but it seems risky to me)

    My concern with the leak is that the dampness will eventually rot the floor.

    How about this, I'm thinking of applying silicone to/around all the rivets in proximity to the area where the leak is at. This may work? What's the suggested brand of silicone/epoxy I should use?
  7. Ahhh, another bobcat! I lived on North Congress near the intersection of West Washington (near the courthouse). If you would follow the alley next to Lucky's on Court St. to Congress you would run into my dump...errr....apartment. :)
  8. I think I had two buddies that lived right there too. Does the name Geoff Grim or Bobby Smith sound familiar?
  9. What I did was fill it some and lower the tongue jack all the way down to check the front and then hoist is as high as possible to do the back. That way I did not have to fill all the way up. I unhooked my batteries prior to doing it to avoid shorting anything. I don't have much wire below the floor on mine so it was not a large concern.
  10. Don't remember the names of the other guys who lived there. It was a big white house with a big front porch. The owners rented rooms out, so there were people there I didn't know. I believe the house # is 14 1/2. I do know a few of the guys lived in Cleveland.
  11. Yeah I am from Cleveland originally, I bet we knew the same people. That's pretty funny. Do you remember if they played hockey? I spent a lot of time at the Cats Eye and Lucky's so I know all those guys well too
  12. Speaking from experience, did you check for hairline cracks in the hull?
  13. No I didn't.....It never occurred to me that could be a problem. Yee-ouch.... Was the crack in your hull visible to the naked eye?? I'll go out and inspect it now.

    How did you fix the crack? silicone? Will any silicone work, or is there a particular brand I should use?