Where's the Grouse?

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  1. Wondering if anyone has been out Grouse hunting yet, My son went to the public hunting area in Dorset,,,never saw a bird...We used to hunt Grand river public Hunting area and Salt Fork years ago, did ok then....Havent been out in over 10 yrs....lookin for a place now. any advice will be appreciated...Thanks
  2. bronzebackyac

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    Vinton Co.
    I've been seeing them all summer down there while riding my dirtbike. It's tough hunting though.

  3. Could you give the area you was in in vinton county? I'm from gallia and hunt edges of vinton county sometimes. Thanks for any help.!@
  4. big_fish

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    I live in eastern ohio in jefferson co and it seems the only place I can find grouse is in my memories dont even hear the drum like i used to hope they make a come back around here:(