Where's the Green Nightcrawlers ?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Agent47, May 29, 2007.

  1. Agent47

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    Coming up north this week to your alls area to fish Mogadore. Some years ago when I lived up north I used to get these green nightcrawlers that had a wonderful result.
    My father has made statement that the 2 bait locations I used to frequent are now closed and he cant find them worms anymore.
    Anybody have any idea's where I can get them ??
  2. Lewzer

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    I'll give you some D&C Green #8 and you can make your own.

    But, they are nothing special. You were probably on Mogadore at the right time/right place.

    I was at Kame's last week and noticed they had a few dozen in their bait refrigerator.

  3. TheSonicMarauder

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    we tried them at leesville this past weekend... wasnt impressed at all to tell you the truth.... we bought a container of the regular ones and a container of the green ones and the normal ones were working A LOT better
  4. I got the green crawlers at Summit Archery & Tackle in Cuyahoga Falls, formerly Falls Outdoor Sports. Call 330-929-9977
  5. You can also sometimes get them at any Circle K that sells bait. At least they did carry them last year.
  6. bassmastermjb

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    I came across 4 cases with 6 boxes in each case to make the nitro worms.Each box is good for making 4 dozen green, glow in the dark crawlers.Send me a PM or stop by the baitshop if you need any.They're not expensive........Mark