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  1. I went out today for 5 hours and all I got was sunburn. I searched everywhere couldn't find the crappies. I tried in 2-4' and 8-12' Fished the brush channels and found nothing. Used tubes and the shiners that I got last week. I hardly marked anything n the FF main lake was 49* and the bays were all the way up to 56*. Just couldn't find them. Where do the crappies usually hold this time of year?

    I did get a bass yesterday in my pond, around 10" first fish with a bait caster. :p:D
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    If it's a clear lake, wait until dusk and work some minnows under a float. I zip tie a small light stick to the stick bobber. If it's not clear, the night bite may be slow or non-existant. Also, it is still a little early.

  4. Thats why I didn't get any. Its been a while since Ive gone. :D

    Also this lake is never clear always a stained color.
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    Hey, I couldn't resist. Especially after last night when the guy asked how most people get to such and such lake and your reply was..."They drive a car" or some such thing......:p
  6. Wheres the fish ? Quite a few in my freezer Neighbors coming over Fri. evening to help thin freezer population. This will give me an excuse to re-populate freezer to pre -fish fry population. I haven't yet had the boat out yet either. But its ready to go.
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    I found them over here in 24ft. They were near the channel dropoff. Hanging around some wood. I had to use 1/4oz jigs to get the bait down to them. Kept 11 over 10".
  8. Boy oh boy Peple of the Perch. I have never seen a report from you that didnt involve catching fish. Id like to help you out but I dont know where you are fishing. Aside from that, I dont know either!
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    If you were fishing a lake like LaDue, I've got them in the early spring at the mouths of bays. Most of the bigger bays have a small creek channel leading out of them. Move around the mouths and watch your finder, when you see marks, they're probably crappie.
  10. If I were going to Ladue, I would either fish from the 422 bridge in between the two roads and let my bait drift into the cement pillars with a slip bobber about 3-5 feet down with a bobber stop. I always do well this time of year like this. If in a boat, I would tie up underneath the bridge and cast anywhere underneath there. They seem to move into 422 later than 44 and auburn rd. and now is about the time when we hammer them. Have to have a minnow.