Where's the current??

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by catfishinfool247, Jul 27, 2008.

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    Planned a nice night of catfishing with the ol' lady and took her parents along who had never fished the river before.Wanted to put them on some nice fish.Granted I usually drag my boat down but with the price of fuel and etc,we decided that a nice bank spot with room to stretch out, a fire,the whole nine yards would be in order.Spent the whole day gathering blue gills,threw th cast net for an hour at Rocky Fork for shad,millions of new hatch-half pinky size but only 2 good ones.Took liver,worms,blah blah blah.Anyways I get to spot(where I have caught several cats over 20# from).First thing I notice is how low the water level is here,(as low or lower than I've seen it in the past 10 years)with virtually no current,there is a trib that flows in right at the spot and it was very shallow.Bottom line is we threw bout everything at em and I had one so so run on cut shad which came when I was tending to my live bait pole...grrrrr...murphy's law! then at around 2am had A SCREAMING run on shad,whiffed on it,bait looked like it had went thru a ginsu factory(GAR).Fished from 7pm til 6am with nothing to show for it.Is the bite really that tough on the O right now? I've been tearing em up on the scioto river since early april and right thru the spawn and post spawn.What gives fellas????? :confused:
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    Hey 'Fool !!! Nice to see you still hitting the waters...I had a night of false screams also because of gar. Finally caught one (gar) and flopped his arse up on the sandy bank. After about five hours, felt sorry for the fool and kicked him back in the river, and he was still alive....JEEZE US !!!!!! ......... DA KING !!!

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    From what I've seen is that the dang lanterns will bring them Gar right up tp ya. Thats one more reason why I use glow sticks and a head lamp turned off. Number two is I have set myself AFIRE!!!!

    FOR ME I've leaned not to start back up fishin the Flats till late Aug/early Sept to avoid :S ;)