Where's the Buck

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by BIG J LAV, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Last 2 nights I hunted 2 different spots on the field edge. Didn't see deer until the last few minutes of hunting both times. 5 Doe on Monday, 7 Doe on a different propert Tuesday. At lest 100 yds away both times. But no bucks! Wouldn't you think they would be following them at this time of year?
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  2. Be patient...they will be there. Where there are Does...there will be bucks!

  3. Exactly!! The first part of this week the bucks were chasing the does up here about everywhere. The weather warmed a bit and the action has slowed a bit. They should be running agian this weekend.
  4. There's more does then bucks and eventually they'll be found. After what I saw in my area I'd say we're close to, if not already, in the lockdown period. If so, the bucks will be roaming again soon looking for those does not found. There's always alot of great bucks taken the week preceeding gun season by archers.