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Where's the Beef, (FISH)

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by trucked, May 10, 2004.

  1. Well, I fished C.J. Brown Friday and Sunday with no luck at all on the W/B. We caught about 25 Crappie but they were only 5-6 inches. Went up by the dam and fished there for about 4 hours up and down. No luck either. We were marking fish the whole time but could not get them to bite. Fished from 3pm to 11:30pm. Fished O'Shay for a bit on Sat with no luck except for a few SMALL Crappie 3-5 inches. Went out today (Monday) for about 3 hours with no luck again. Water temp was only 62. No wind at all. Just a beautiful day on the water.

    Well fellas, keep trying until the spawn takes place. I guess that they are still in deeper water. At least that's what the Lowrance is telling me. Marking plenty of fish at 20-30ft. Not marking anything close in though.

    Have a great day girls.
    Captain No Fish
  2. dfoxfish

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    may i suggest trying hoover for crappie and w/b. i've done quite well for crappie fishing the brush up a little north of the last bridge at baldridge ramp. lots of crappie and sizeable c. kitties. over 13" crappies and biggest cat was just over 9lbs. i haven't tried for any w/b, but i've read reports here and gfo about very large stringers of w/b. they are supposed to be running up the creek at galena. :)

  3. I will hit there this week for sure. Thanks for the quick response. :D