where's old pigsticker been??

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by NewbreedFishing, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    anyone know if he's relocated to erie??:D

    where you at doooood?
  2. seethe303

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    I was wondering the same... I think he is amassing an arsenal of fishing knowedge to that he might be a heck of a force to reckin' with (if he already wasn't) once the weather starts to cool...

  3. Last i heard he was living in a cardboard hut by Boat ramp at Erie hooking up with whoever would take him out for smallies or walleyes. He is addict to Erie now might never see him again till ices over well maybe not then if he gets to try the walleye ice fishing bite!!:)
  4. 10bender24

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    He had thoughts of joining an OBF bass club and fished with Columbus Bass Masters at the end of April at Indian lake,said he wanted to start tournament fishing.He fished out of my boat,this was the first time I met him and he is a super nice guy.Good thing I had a 20' boat,he is a big fella.

    All he talked about was his Erie trip with his OGF buddies on Friday and Saturday before.Said the fishing was great and he should have stayed up there and it did sound like fun,he blanked but fished hard and have not seen him since.I bet he trades bass fishing back in for Erie.Good luck Pigsticker.
  5. NewbreedFishing

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    LMFAO!! Yeah I met him the weekend you guys hit Indian and I think that turned him off of the tourney idea very quickly!# .
    I tried to take him under my wing and learn him a few things but he is stubborn and wont easily fit under wing.:D

    Slim we all need to go out sometime...he is fun to fish with.
  6. Pigsticker

    Pigsticker State record bass or bust

    Wow, how flattering:eek: a whole post devoted to me. Ive been without a computer for a few months now so I havent been able to report or check in much.

    Im a changed angler after my excursion to Erie for the outing this April. I just can't say enough about that fishery. Everyone already knows about how its the walleye capital of the world. Everyone knows about the incredible perching opportunities. The smallie fishing is rapidly becoming known worldwide as being stellar. Great place for the steelies too. If you're into bottom fishing the fishing in the bay cant be beat for NICE sized sheeps, cats and carp. Im only now beginning to scrape the surface on what a largemouth factory the harbors and backwaters are. Im just flat out hooked on the place.

    Ive been knocking out the largies for the last month solid up there. IMO if E. Harbor were a seperate lake it would rank #2 in Ohio for bass fishing right behind the rest of Erie. It absolutely smokes any inland lake ive ever fished. I can't wait to hit it pre-spawn next year hard.

    Ive had the good fortune of fishing with some good fisherman up there this year and its really improved my knowledge of the lake and whole area in general. Ive walleye fished 8 times and got out ticket 7 times. Missed it last time with 7 total between 2 of us and that was because the weather was very unpredictable and we decided to stay within 3 miles of port all day. Ive bass fished 5 times and both me and my partner du jour got double digit bucketmouths each session on the water.

    Now what id really love to do is go out and go fishing for some smallies all day. Ive never done that before and smallies are my fave quarry to catch but hard to come by around here.

    Bender- I had a good time fishing with you in my first tourney. I was just turned off to the tourney thing because I didnt realize how many boats were going to be out there. In the common areas I couldnt believe boats would just follow each other down the row like an assembly line re-fishing the same waters over and over again.

    Columbus has a 1 million meto population that just pound the scant 11-12,000 acres that make up Hoover, Alum, Delaware and OShay and all the rest. There are alot of boats on Erie but the per acre pressure is miniscule compared to what it is around here.
  7. crittergitter

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    Lake Erie is fun, but it sure is a drive. I did the first mate thing for 5 years with my uncle. I am on a bit of a break this year since I'll be a dad for the first time in a couple weeks.

    Plenty of smallies around here. You just gotta know where and how.

  8. NewbreedFishing

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    YO DOOD! Glad to hear your still dwelling the bottom~:p
    We all knew you've been begging up at Erie and was quite surprised that fishslims assessment wasn’t 100% correct. cardboard hut up at the muzurik boat ramp with all amenities, lm bass/sm bass/rockbass/b-gill/kitties and your favorite sheep!# . up @ 5:30 everymorning holding that will clean your fish sign.:T

    lets hook up p-sticker
    I will think of something easy going for you.
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  9. I thought maybe he was still stuck in Mansfield! :p

  10. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    whats in mansfield?? clearfork :D !

  11. Ahhh there he is......I was wondering myself. Only cure for the fishing sickness is more fishing. Glad to hear your still kicking PS!! :)