where's every camping on memorial day weekend?

Discussion in 'The Camp Fire' started by iam20fan, May 12, 2008.

  1. i will be at kiser lake that weekend. i hope to get off work at about 2:00pm that friday go home pack the truck and go.
  2. iceberg

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    ill be going down to WNF found a few nice ponds while deer hunting last fall.

  3. we'll be at the reinersville flea market. So probably won't get to camp. be working.
  4. I don't camp on big holiday weekends...too many newbies and way too rowdy for me. :) Have fun and be safe out there!

    WINNER I hate Cleveland.

    On an island on a river somewhere in Ohio...lot less people there ;)

  6. Looks like we'll be at Middle Bass Island for the weekend. Has anyone ever camped there before? Hows the fishing from shore there? Alos hows the campground,looks like alot of trees from their website.
  7. ErieAngler

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    Middle bass is great, its primitive, but real nice. I always took the spot that is right on the lake, literally you walk 20 feet and its there, great nights sleep hearing the waves. You might try fishing off the shore with a large slip bobber and soft craws for smallies or cast off the lonz pier for walleye's. The eyes were thick between PIB and Middle Bass a week ago. Good luck and have fun.

    BTW, I think the last boat from PIB to Middle Bass is around 11, but Hazzards has a great bar on Middle that is open until 2:30 and a lot of fun.....if you like beer. I might just run into you!
  8. i am going to wally world tommorrow to get a new camp shelter and that hot camp shower that runs off propane tommorrow. then friday after work of to kiser lake.
  9. I'm going take it easy this year. I'm going to pike lake for the weekend. nice quiet little lake with some crappie and bass no boat traffic to worry about.