where'd they go?

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    hey ya'll...Names joey..just joined up today..googled for some forums in ohio and found this one...I was wondering if i could get some help here..I fish findley state park for carp alot..and in the last two days since the temprature dropped I aint been able to hook up with one...any pointers on where these big boys went would be help me out alot.I've tried every hotspot I know..just about every depth..I've had a few good runs..but nothin set up.

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  2. If I were fishing this pond I would keep the baits in close, using plain sweet corn.

    Check out www.carpanglersgroup.com if you want to find out more about baits and techniques. There is a section for Ohio Valley too, maybe someone on there lives in the area or has fished this place.

  3. I have actually fished there also, never for carp though. I go the blanchard for that!!!! Even though many of the carp there are tumored/beaten up, it's still fun.

    I would go with bottombouncer on this one, try sweet corn (whole kernel) in from a can. You can also find various dough recipes, I can help you out with that part if you'd like!

    Anything been hitting lately there?