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  1. Just sitting here lamenting this long cold Ohio winter. Anyone planning an "out of state" adventure in the next 12 months? If so, where ya heading? Any fishing or hunting involved?
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    :B Rhode Island to fish for stripers and bluefish! What a ball! Been twice now, we'll be going again in june. Biggest striper so far is under 30#, I WANT A 50# BASS!!! We find schools of pogeys(menhaden) and snag a few for bait, then hit em'!!! Saltwater fishing will spoil you, the fish give a whole new meaning to the word "fight" !!:cool:

  3. Wrightsville N.C me and the family have been going their for 4 years now and all we do is fish. My favorite is 3 foot hammers and the Kings, also pompinos off of the beach.If you are lucky you'll get a 6' thrasher off the beach.We also do alot of Blue Crab hunting.
  4. headed to dale hollow the 27 of march with my son to go smallie fishing.
  5. I can't tell you where, or I'd get booted out of the group. It's pretty far off the beaten path, though, and it is lots of fun. Cheap beer, good food, and great company. We go just before Memorial Day, and hope to hit the weather window that misses the last snow but beats the first black flies. I believe that's only happened once!

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    Heading to lake Nipissing end of July for some walleye and smallmouth fishin. Way to much to eat, card playing and some north of the border blues. You got me thinking about it and now I'm all excited.
  7. Let us know how u do! We go camp/fish every year in May for smallies! After four years & only 7 trips down, we've barely started to learn Lake Dale Hollow.
  8. Heading to Key West Sat. am. Gonna get on some Tarpon, Barracuda, Grouper, Cobia, going after everything!
  9. Kentucky Lake, April 12th thru 19th. Mostly crappie fish but we take time to fish for redears, bluegill, catfish, and both small and largemouth bass. It's my favorite place to fish. Since I had heart surgery in late December, I missed most of hunting season and all the winter fishing season. I'm really looking forward to getting out of this house.
  10. Heading to Kentucky Lake at the end of april. I will be mostly chasing after the catfish down there. But after seeing the size of the crappie, bluegills, and redears last year I may just have to try for a few of them this time. Also going to Kenai, Alaska at the beginning of june to try my hand at some halibut and salmon fishing. Sounds like this will be a fun trip.
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    Lake Hartwell( home of the bassmaster Classic)
    March 15-19

    It is my spring break this year!
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    Back to Cherokee Lake TN in May for Stripers!
  13. It'll be Erie every possible weekend between April and October for Smallies, Walleye, and Steelhead. OBX in June for cobia, reds, taylor blues, and schoolie stripers. Georgian Bay in July for walleye and smallies.
  14. I will be at Dale Hollow Easter week, and then for two 3 day weekends in April. Not a fishing trip , but my wife and I are going to Acadia National Park in Maine in June.
  15. We will be doing our annual Ontario week trip. We have been making the trip for 10+ years. It is a great time. The lake we are on is not the greatest lake but there are still plenty of opportunities. I hope to make a couple of day trips to other local lakes this year. We have not done so the last couple of years but hopefully that will change. We manage to catch plenty of small to medium pike and a few walleyes as well as plenty of bass. We go up in August which is not the best time as far as fishing is concerned but the weather is usually fantastic.
  16. Im goin down to louisiana to do some saltwater fishing. saltwater puts a whole new meaning to fishing and it is fun! Goin after a little bit of everything hopefully some tuna and wahoo tho.
  17. I don't think I will be making any trips to saltwater which is a bit of a bummer. As others have mentioned there is something about saltwater fishing that is very intriguing. I hope to get another trip next year somewhere on the Atlantic. We have talked about taking a trip to the northeast sometime. I would like to go there and give the stripes and blues a shot. I have heard the fishing up there can be phenomenal.
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    Lake Palestine and Fork in TX next week for 4 days.

    Hatteras for a week in March

    Erie every chance I get ( I get a lot of chances:D )

    Lake Ontario for Kings in August

    lake Fork TX in October
  19. Heading for Fishers Landing June 21 for a week of fishing in the Thousand Island region
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    I'm going to Ocean Isle beach North Carolina twice this year. Once the end of May the September. In September I use my cast net to catch mullet and free line them off the pier and catch blues and spanish with a shark thrown in there every once in awhile. I'm wandering about the fishing the end of May though. If anyone knows how the fishing is at this time let me know. Looking at some of the pier websites it looks like the big blues come through which is fine with me.