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where would you go?

Discussion in 'Muskie & Pike Discussions' started by edge13, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. i finally got my new rod holders installed this weekend. So i am looking to spend a little time draging plugs this weekend. looking for recomendations in north east.
    west branch? (heard alot of complaints on water level)

    not looking for any spots just looking for votes for each lake

    :T :B



    Ill Tell You Where To Go. Hahah Since You Will Be Trolling For Muskie's And Stuck Inside At A Wedding. Head To West Branch.
    Less Water; Less Places For Those illusive Fish To Hide.

  3. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    West Branch would be a good bet but you may want to hit it early and be off the water before all the pleasure boaters. That place gets crazy and if you are in a smaller boat like me it can be almost frightening at times.

    Milton is a good trolling lake but has been tough lately. I was told that a musky club is having a tournament there this weekend.

    Pymy is also good but it is a 10hp lake. You wont have to worry about getting run over:D I have not fished it yet for musky but did hook one there last year fishing for eyes.

    Have not heard much about Berlin but there are some fish in there and it doesn't get a lot of pressure from musky fisherman.

    Good luck wherever you decide to go.
  4. I do fish surveys on Pyma, and I would definitely recommend trolling there. Some guys have been doing well trolling fast in the area around the dam and islands. Don't be afraid to troll really shallow (<7ft.) through the weed beds, because that's where the big boys have been hiding lately. Other guys are still having luck in the Northeast end trolling over sandy humps.
  5. well i hit west branch saturday evening and sunday. i got one good rip saturday trolling a smaller black crank in 27 fow. sunday my buddy slept in and we dodnt get on the water till about 9:00.... man you guys arent kidding that may be the worst lake ive ever fished when it comes to fighting the pleasure boaters. Between the lake lice (seados) and the pleasure boaters i will be off he lake by 1130 from now on

    thanks for all the help guys.
    (and also thanks to those of you who sent pms with specific spots and baits to try. much appreciated)

    thanks again