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  1. I ve never fished for smallies i know the time is early spring but thats all i know .................please help , this is the year i want to catch a smallie
  2. You've got a few options depending on your situation.
    1) probably the best choice for you because I see you live in cuyahoga falls would be to fish the cuyahoga river. From what I've read from other peoples posts you can get decent fish all year long out of the river. Sorry but I don't fish the cuya. river so I really have no idea were to go.
    2) Best option if you want big smallies is to hit Erie. I dont know if you have a boat or know someone who does but the biggest smallies come from erie no doubt.
    3) If you have no way to get out on the big lake, fish Erie from shore. I've got some nice smallie off the breakwall at menter headlands park in the spring.
    4) The way I catch nice smallies every year is to fish a river, (I fish the rocky river) that feeds lake Erie close to the mouth in the spring around May. A lot of the Erie fish come uo the rivers to spawn and you can get some really nice fish this way. The problem is it only lasts a month or so and the fish move back out.
    Good luck, but be carefull once you catch your first big smallie you be hooked for life.

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    The rocky river or grand river is a great choice, I have caught tons of smallies from both rivers, cast rebel craw dads, rooster tails, live minnows, rapalas, or other small baits, cast by rocks, eddies, ledges, trees, bridges etc. If you want to hook up I'll hit the rocky river with you in the spring and show you some good spots, I know some sweet spots all the way into Olmsted falls, smallies are there all year round, some of the up river spots hold alot of catfish, carp and largemouth, rock bass bluegill etc. Lake Erie is the top choice hands down for big smallmouth, you mostly need a boat to fish it but not always.
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    i like casting brightly colored curly tail grubs (on a jig head) into the deeper rocky pools on creeks and rivers. theres lots of nice holes on the hoga. i like to start downstream and work my way upstream and cast up, then retreive down with the current. bumping bottom occasionally, and reeling in fast! its a real simple, cheap set up. the trick is to read the water. i have the best luck in deeper holes with a lot of current, but avoiding muddy areas. i think the smallies like the rocks and rocky bottom areas. not dead, slow, muddy areas. its a lot of fun and im looking forward to it.
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    the angler......Erie....Erie......Erie........large...larger.....largest.......go north young man to the shores of this great lake.... Tubes have become the "hot" ticket for these bronze-bullies. Strike King has a new one called the "COFFEE TUBE" and when used with the right jig head......Is a great immage of a "goby" and 50 degrees, is magic mark for smallmouth turn-on. great fishin to you....Jon Sr.
  6. thanks guys i would be lost with out you ...... i do have a boat but have never taken it out yet , just got it this winter where is a good launching spot on erie how far out do you need to go to get them .......... i read alot of articles but the help i get from you guys on the site is way better easier to understand .....i am a newbie all the way ...... ive always fished but mostly with a garden worm and a bobber ..... i,m goin pro this year.
    ha ha
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    If you have a smaller rig you can launch at Cranberry Creek Marina, in the vermilion/huron bowl area. there is an area called Ruggles Reef that holds alot of smallmouth you can drift it with soft craws or tube jigs, this area is pretty close to shore, just a couple miles away making for a short hull. you can also go to conneaut and fish the breakwalls over there,
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    Or if'n ya wanta be east, Fairport harbor is a hop skip and jump from "the Bubble" This is the warmwater outlet for Perry nuke plant a favorite hangout for smallies. Just be sure to stay at least a mile off shore to observe the "no fly" security zone.
  9. The Cuyahoga around Cuyahoga Falls/Kent...and upriver from there should produce some decent smallies nearby for ya. Erie would be the best if you have the time.

    Good luck...be safe out there.
  10. Stupid question here, but is that air or water temp? I assume water?
  11. The vermillion river has some nice fish, caught some there around the 18-19'' range on small shallow diving crankbaits. Also caught nice ones on the mile long pier in lorain, cast tubes towards the breakwalls. I agree if u can get out on the lake around ruggles reef in vermillion, u can hook into real nice smallies there.
  12. Not to be a smart azz but I think fish live in the water so i'd say he probally meens water temp.