Where to Winterize!!

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  1. Need a place to winterize!!! I work for Boatmasters marine in akron. We service nearly all makes and models of marine power with factory trained and certified technicians. Check us out on the web at www.Boatmastersmarine.com. Come see me at the parts/service counter and I can help you figure out what services are neccessary and give you information to help you keep up on maintenance you may not have been aware that you needed to keep your equipment running as you expect it to.
  2. a question please , I have a 2005 115 merc opti , what needs to be done to keep the warrenty active?? thanks jim p/s been to your store ,nice folks.

  3. Do you know when your warranty expires? Reason that I ask is that mercury will you usually contact you within the first year to sell you an extended warranty package. You will have a set date at the time of purchase as to when your warranty will expire and nothing can change that unless you buy an extension. So there is nothing that needs to be done to guarantee the coverage. If you would like to P/M your serial information I can run it and find out what you have available timewise and I can also let you know if buying any further warranty is possible.
  4. If you guys choose to winterize your own boats I have all the supplies neccessary to get the job done! I can give you guys better pricing on the things you need if you tell me you're from OGF. If anyone needs winterizing advice I'll be glad to help. I know that not everyone can afford to have someone else do the work for them. We also offer storage inside and out. We can also offer shrinkwrap with mildew gas for those of you who store outside!
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    I have a 3.7l mercruiser 4cyl. I've ran antifreeze through the outdrive, fogged the engine,changed the oil, added stabilizer to the gas and change the lower unit oil. My question is that it has a hot air exchanger. Should I completely drain this even if it has antifreeze in it or does it really matter? And is there anything else engine I need to winterize?

  6. As of now I have to go out east of alliance to get OMC service, akron would sure be alot closer.
  7. Absolutely, I have two OMC technicians that work with me there. I guess alot of people have trouble finding people who work on OMC or Volvo Penta. Definitely save yourself the gas and come see me!
  8. Get yourself one of those antifreeze checkers from an autoparts store and just test the antifreeze in your heat exchanger. Make sure that it reads protection to at least -35F. If it does then you should be fine with everything else. If it doesn't get it changed before the weather turns! Sounds like all of your bases are covered. One other thing you should be aware of about those 3.7's is the seawater pumps. Make sure you change that impeller at least every 3 to 4 years. When those impellers come apart there is no telling where the pieces end up in the engine!!! I'm talking possible serious damage and alot of work to repair if it happens. I've seen some real nightmares come in with those things. Cracked manifolds, warped heads, blown cooling hoses,etc. This can actually happen to most any sterndrive but the 3.7s and 3.0s can be pretty bad. To all of you reading this.....AS A RULE OF THUMB ALWAYS HAVE YOUR IMPELLER SWITCHED OUT AT A MINIMUM OF EVERY 4 YEARS NO MATTER WHAT MOTOR IT IS. Nothing ruins a trip faster than an overheating boat motor. Some people get away with an impeller for years I've heard of them lasting 8 years or more. Don't chance it because I've seen plenty go out in less than 4-6 years.
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    Thanks for the response. I was planning on getting the impeller changed out in the spring. I've heard some guys change them out even soon.

    Thanks Again