Where to take future anglers?

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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this or the right use of this forum (Mods-feel free to move if it is not).

    Anyhow, I spent the previous school year working with special needs kids in Columbus - 11 in all. Towards the end of the year, the kids completed the "Passport to Fishing" program through the DNR and got their own Zebco 202s. We took a field trip to Delaware Lake and fished the big lake and the kids' pond in the state park. All the kids caught a couple fish, mostly small bluegill. One girl did land a small catfish that she was absolutely terrified of; she ran away screaming as soon as she saw it.

    I promised them that before the beginning of next school year, I would get in contact with them to try to catch some bigger fish. This could happen with as few as two kids at a time, or as many as 8, I'm not sure. There will, however, definitely be another adult no matter the number of kids.

    The problem I'm having is with finding accessible water that contains good fish. I had plans to fish a farm pond, but the owner got a little hesitant after thinking about liability issues.

    My question to members of this community is: Does anyone know of some water within 45 minutes or so of Columbus where these kids could go and have a good chance of catching numbers of larger fish? Even a good population of healthy bluegill would do, maybe setting up a rod for catfish, carp or bass?
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    Check your PM's ...... great cause !!!

  3. flounder

    flounder 2 min 30 sec from Hoover