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where to park and fish the hocking?

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishmason, May 19, 2004.

  1. Im trying to get some info on areas of the hocking to fish and park at. I have waders and equipment to use so thats not a problem. I hear alot of people talking about areas west of nelsonville that i want to check out so i need to know where to park at for those spots. Any area reasonably close to athens is golden for me. :D
  2. Hey Fishmason,
    That's the same area that I fish for smallies on the Hocking so I'll try to help you out. As you head west out of Nelsonville towards Logan, you will see a couple of dirt pull-off areas on the left side of the road next to the river. THe first one is probably only a mile out of town and the other is a mile or so farther down. Those would give you stretches to get out and fish upstream and downstream. There is also an area to park close to Dee's Diner. Make a left on the road next to the diner and pass over the Hocking. THere will be a dirt road along the river immediately past the bridge. I have parked there a few times.
    The river is pretty blown out now and will be a little while before it's fishable again. Once it goes down, maybe we could hit it together. We could park one vechicle at the one end of the trip and then drive up to the other end and fish upstream to not spook fish. Let me know if it sounds good to you.

  3. if it doesnt rain i think ill be going on a scouting trip wed at about 4.
  4. I can tell you now that Wednsday would be a wasted trip. THe river is still up high and very muddy! It will be a couple of weeks before it's fishable for wading.
  5. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Fishmason, by now the Hocking should be warm enough you don't need waders. I know several weeks ago I was fishing it without them. There are lots of pull off spots along the Hocking, but try driving down the county roads, other state routes, or walking the bike trails to find the lesser known places.
  6. with the weather were having and getting in the future, im not sure if ill be able to fish the hocking before finals week.