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  1. I'll be finishing nursing school up in December. I currently live in Ottawa County and looking to get the H-E-double hockey sticks out of the area. I don't think finding employment will be an issue anywhere I go. I'm first and foremost a deer hunter so finding an area to hunt within reasonable driving distance is very important to me. I thought about Monclova, Swanton, Waterville, or Maumee due to their proximity to Maumee State Forest. I know I would be best off in areas like South Central Ohio but, unfortunately, all my family resides up north. Any suggestions?
  2. Geauga county is always good. WAY TOO MANY DEER, plus really nice people and some good hospitals to work for.

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    well, the house beside me is empty:p and trumbull county has some VERY big deer:!
  4. Don't forget Central Ohio in general. Lots of big bucks from Licking/Muskingum County area, and you are only 30-45 minutes from Children's and Grant or Mt. Caramel East. Still within a couple hour drive of NW Ohio, which isn't all that bad.
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    since you like hunting you should do yourself a favor and take a trip out west to check out the possibilities there.colorado or wyoming!!!:) :)
  6. If I had to do it all over again, I would move where my fun was and build a life there. If south-central is where you'd like to be, go try it. If after a few years you really didn't like the separation from family, you could move back. This is the easiest time in your life to just go. It's a great part of the state and really not that far from home. Personally, I'd be in the Ky Lake region, good hunting and fishing. Now I have to wait until I retire, too much vested now to make the switch. Good luck in your decision.