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Where to have a Johnson motor tuned up?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by tech187, May 11, 2005.

  1. I live here in Columbus and have a 8hp Johnson 2 stroke. Right after buying my boat I took the motor to a small mom and pop repair shop to have it tuned up. It ran better, but the float or something keep sticking and leaking gas everywhere. I cleaned the carb completely, but no luck. I then took the motor to a dealer near Alum Creek (I forget the name) and they fired it up in a water tank and it ran fine. It still starts and idles ok, but it just seems like it puts out about 80% of what it should. I would like for a repair shop to actually put it on a boat and take it out. Then maybe they would see what I am talking about. Anyone have any ideas or recommend a motor repair shop that can be trusted to get the motor running in tip/top shape? Thanks for any info
  2. vegas baby!!!...oh sorry

  3. Hooch

    Hooch Fare Thee Well!

    Take the motor to Jim Carter Marine at Buckeye Lake.
    11272 Avondale Rd. S.E.
    Thornville, OH (740) 928-8234
    He specializes in Johnson / Evenrude Motors.
    He got mine running pretty good!
  4. Just something to check. Did you have the marine shop check your motor with your tank and hose? If the problem is related to those items perhaps it was overlooked and the motor is fine. As far as a shop in your area I can not provide any help.
  5. I did have the motor checked using my tank and hose so that is not the problem. Thanks Hooch, I might just give them a try.
  6. Like Hooch said, Jim Carter--period. It's likely that he will tell/show you how to fix it yourself so you might not pay a dime. Even if he works on it, he will save you money and you'll be glad you went there.