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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishintechnician, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. fishintechnician

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    i am desperatly wanting to get out and try for some slabs this weekend. but i'm not sure where to go. any advice would be great. i'll be on shore or maybe take the canoe out, not quite ready to get the big boat out.
  2. JignPig Guide

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    I recommend (if you're talking about largemouth bass fishing) looking for the smallest, shallowest, waters you can find for this time of year and the temperatures that we've been having. Take your canoe to some small water & you'll soon (hopefully) find water temperatures in the low 50s.
    The lake out at Blue Rock state park is small. Lake Alma is small. If you live near Central Ohio, the metro parks are small.
    Get on the ODNR web-site and get some decriptions of some of the lakes, and you should be able to find some small waters.
    You're on your own after you get there.

    P.S. The water is pretty high right now. Keep safety in mind while choosing your waters.

  3. crittergitter

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    If you want slab crappies, I would normaly suggest Delaware, but it's a mess right now. Looks like chocolate milk. Maybe a private quarry that has some slabs, I dunno of any though? I think we're still a couple weeks away from some decent slab fishing unless you know of private water that has them.

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    Local 5 acre pond was only 42F last friday, it has dark bottom and in full sun(what's that?), maybe mid forties by next warm spell.
  5. jignpig guide - Did you just mention Blue Rock? - Didn't know anyone from Central Ohio even knew where Blue Rock was. Most of my relatives are from around that area so I have fished it a few times in my life. Not much attention to this lake so most of the time you could have it all to your self fishing. This lake does still hold some nice bass I just wished they would drege it and clean up all the lilie pads that have taken over the lake.
  6. JignPig Guide

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    Yea Synd,
    Blue Rock State Park camping area has that small lake named Cutler Lake in the same park. It's only about 15-acres and it definitely has fish. Me and four of my sons and a brother-in-law and some other friends have had a few pretty good outings over there. My brother-in-law and me caught over 100-bass on one weekend camping trip there. That same trip, my brother-in-law caught one over 5-pounds. One of my sons caught one 4-3/4-pounds and I caugh two just over 4-pounds. They've got a 15-inch minimum there. And I'll be camping there sometime this April.
    And yes, the lilly-pads do need to be addressed soon.
  7. Hey Technician,

    I am going to try Indian Lake , back in the Game Preserve in the pads ! Now through Mid-May , you can hammer the "slabs" their , if you don't get on them soon , just keep going back , sooner or later you will leave with a smile on your face ! A little warmer weather and I am going to be parked their in a blue and white Sylvan ,give me a hollar !

    Keep fishin, :B
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    Hit up Antrim with some live bait. My wife was out there last night during the rain and landed a very big LM (4+ lbs) on a bass minnow and a couple smaller cats. She had something real big on but it broke her line. Antrim is the place to be this time of year.