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  1. I'm planning on heading out early saturday morning and possibly Sunday. Do you guys think it is still a little early for the rocky or should i give it a shot? If so, should i start at the marina and head upstream? Or would my best bet be to head to fairport and fish the breakwall id really like the best chance to hook up with a few fish because ill most likely be with one of my buddies who doesnt have to most patience in the world unfortunately. but those are my two options any help you guys can give is appreciated.
  2. I think either of those two places would be a good place to start. I've heard of fish being caught at both locations and with this recent rain, I would think that some fish may have moved in with it. Remember, its still early so if your buddy isn't that patient it may be a long day.

    If it were me, I'd be on the water at first light and go to either river you mentioned that is closest to you and give it a shot. Let us know how you do!

  3. it seems that most of the people i've talked to have got into fish at the fairport longwall the average seemed to be around 1-2..a few guys sayin 3-5 so the fish are there! chances are you'll get into atleast one.Like bob said though..whichevers easier for you

    good luck!
  4. The further east you head, the better your chances. More PA fish that way, which run/spawn earlier than the Ohio brand. Any of those places east of the grand would probably produce, with the smaller ones clearing from the rain a bit faster than the bigger tribs.
  5. PA was great there are fish everywhere I'm talking 100 fish in a pool on walnut creek and almost the same on elk creek. The grand was pretty good this morning early. Uniroyal hole sucked but up at the dam at rec park there are a good number of fish. Be prepared to fish elbow to elbow in pa and quite a few guys at rec park. water is still very low and clear.
  6. had a rough time getting outta bed this morning and ended up not getting everything together until around about 8:30 but we went to the marina anyway. it was packed and being new to steelheading i was actually a little intimidated about being in peoples way and not knowing if i was fishing too close to someone or whatever. fished there for a short while and had no luck there were a few fish caught here and there. we headed to another run i know of for a little while. hooked up with a real nice small mouth there in the 15"-16' range and that was the only fish of the day as we packed up because it was getting hot and late in the day. oh well i plan on giving it another try tomorrow morning. hope you all had some better luck.
  7. BigMha

    BigMha QQn 4 that "ONE" big fish

    i was down at 72nd this morning for a few hours and saw 2 steelies caught...and one was unfortunately caught by MY fishing buddy !!!!.....i'll never hear the end of this...because i'm the one who usually catches the fish while he jealously watches.