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Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by AnthHol, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. My cousin is off work and heading back to school soon so he wants to take a day next week and do some fishing. He'd prefer trout fishing while I would prefer somethig that offered a variety. The question is where would you guys go if you had the chance? Anywhere within 3.5 hours of Cleveland is fair game. Were both fairly new to fly fishing and would like to explore some new water.
  2. I think you are going to be hard pressed to find good trout fishing this time of year unless you have access to a private sportsmans club that specifically offers trout fishing. But, even so you could hit up Mohican State Park and fish the Clear Fork Branch, that is stocked annually with browns, the Mad River between Bellefontaine and Springfield is probably one of the best. Closer to Cleveland, try the Grand River, Rocky River, Conneaut Creek, Chagrin River, all those are good steelhead rivers in the winter, but not so sure you'd catch many in the summer. Also, you could try Cold Creek in Sandusky, it's 5 bucks to fish all day and the water is supposedly 48 degrees all year round, but I have wasted 20 bucks there this year and haven't caught a single fish. I am sure a more experienced fly fisher can give you better advice, but thats what I know. And I feel ya, I am new to fly fishing and am itching for fall so I can really experience fly fishing how it is meant to be.

  3. AnthHol - Give Mad River Outfitters a call and they should be able to give you reports on the Mad and Clear Fork. Also, you may want to ask for Graham, he lives near the Kokosing which is supposed to be a great SM river.
  4. yah i told him it was going to be hard to get on a good number of trout this time of year. He was talking about going up to PA and doing some trout fish there but who knows. Thanks for the advice rweis i figured thatd be one of our best possibilities and it may be what we end up doing.
  5. If you got to PA pm me, and I'll hook you up with some easy access for trout!